Our Hospitality (1923)

Genre : Comedy, Family

Cast : (Complete credited cast) , Joe Roberts as Joseph Canfield , Ralph Bushman as Canfield's Son , Craig Ward as Canfield's Son , Monte Collins as The Parson , Joe Keaton as The Engineer , Kitty Bradbury as Aunt Mary , Natalie Talmadge as The Girl – Canfield's Daughter , Buster Keaton Jr. as Willie McKay – 1 Year Old , Buster Keaton as Willie McKay – 21 Years Old

Plot : A man proceeds to his Appalachian homestead. On the trip, he falls for the ground that a adolescent woman. The barely crisis is her sort has vowed to destroy every member of his family.

Run Time : 73 min (1995 alternate version) | Spain:65 min | Belgium:87 min (copy with French titles at Brussels Musée du Cinéma)

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Truckee River, California, USA

Company : Joseph M. Schenck Productions

Trivia : Joe Roberts, Buster Keaton’s occupation “heavy”, designed his very last approach inside this film. Big Joe more matured a stroke throughout the filming, furthermore was hospitalized. He insisted on surrendering to work, however, furthermore kicked the bucket absolutely later on succeeding the finalize of filming.

Goofs : Continuity: When the donkey refuses to switch enjoys the rail tracks, the engineer with others peripheral the plans regarding him. The lengthy view that shows the show going precedent days the donkey, however, shows the plans abet inside a immediately line.

Plot Summary : This is a costume-period object pool inside 1830s Kentucky. The Canfields furthermore the McKays are feuding clans (essentially the factual existence Hatfields furthermore McCoys renamed). In New York Willie boards a rash (an correct rebirth of the focal "Stephenson Rocket"); on board he meets Virginia Canfield (the actress is Buster’s factual existence wife). The dramatic waterfall rescue arriving the conclude is completed by Buster himself.

The Canfields with McKays are locked inside a bitter feud, which Willie McKay has steer apparent off minute in existence inside the city. During a misstep to his ancient stamp domestic he meets Virginia with falls inside love. However, following making progress into her place of dwelling he fathoms she is a Canfield. Virginia’s stamp requests to exterminate Willie, however their solid social set of rules obstructs one another bask in doing it minute he’s a sightseer inside their home. Once he steps outside, however, it’s a diverse story!

In the Nineteenth Century, there is a feud between the McKay along with Canfield stamps inside the geographical region of the United States of America. When John McKay is killed, his better half transmits their single life archaic kid Willie to New York to troth raised by her sister. Twenty life later, Willie McKay (Buster Keaton) earnings to lay claim because his group state. Along the edify travels, he meets a tender grown man along with they crumple tenderness because each other. However, she is the infant Canfield along with her group has not forgotten the agitate hostile the McKays.

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