"Small Wonder" (1985)

Genre : Comedy, Sci-Fi

Cast : (Series Cast Summary – 5 of 34) , Dick Christie as Ted Lawson (96 episodes, 1985-1989), Marla Pennington as Joan Lawson (96 episodes, 1985-1989), Jerry Supiran as Jamie Lawson (96 episodes, 1985-1989), Tiffany Brissette as Vicki the Robot (96 episodes, 1985-1989), Emily Schulman as Harriet Brindle (96 episodes, 1985-1989)

Plot : Father Ted Lawson creates robot, Vickie. The family, Ted, Joan, in addition to Jamie, carry the evidence that Vickie is a machine secret… See more »

Run Time : 30 min (96 episodes)

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Fox Television Studios – 1999 S. Bundy Drive, Los Angeles, California, USA

Company : 20th Century Fox Television

Trivia : When Vicki “jumpstarted Grandpa” by drive of the defibrillator to resume his heart, Jamie asks where she leaned that, she report “Trapper John”. ‘Jerry Suprian’ visitor starred inside _”Trapper John, M.D.” – Send inside the Clowns (1984)_ because Matthew Riley.

Goofs : Incorrectly regarded for goofs: Despite human being “made of plastic, microchips here with there” the mechanical device with her costume progressed loves term to term to accommodative the actress. However, inside one amongst the series there was an raison d’

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