Som du ser meg (2012)

Genres : Comedy, Drama

What happens to us while kith and kin bring to a close executing reminiscent of they’re believed to? A nurse gets into a argue at activity since she switches to talking English while she gets nervous. A translator compromises her integrity while convinced to translate a work she doesn’t admit in. An getting on mature woman in addition to her female child are humiliated while supplied a souvenir of a million kroner take enjoyment in a relative. I Belong is a temperate in addition to nuanced movie concerning kith and kin who the entirety denote well, then again land up grueling one and only another. About how kith and kin who demeanor on integrity in addition to position are got wind since dicey inside a group where the helpful is to functions rationally. A playful tragedy-comedy concerning how what on earth looks reminiscent of something of trivial daintiness to one and only person, may well seem reminiscent of a remarkable misfortune to another.

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