Strictly Sexual (2008)

Director : Joel Viertel

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Romance

Cast : (in credits order) , Amber Benson as Donna , Johann Urb as Joe , Kristen Kerr as Christi Ann , Stevie Long as Stanny , Trevor Murphy as Damian , Brooke Mueller as Cassandra , Elizabeth Wood as Fabric Woman , Ashley Hinson as Boutique Employee , Shravan Kambam as Niki , Scott Weston as Scott , Rick Ramnath as Rich , Lindsay Frame as Complimentary Woman , Carlos Conrado Sanchez as Carlos , Justin Phillips as Justin , Mark Radcliff as Mark (as Mark Radcliffe) , Alex Lev as Magazine Editor , Robert Negron as Magazine Editor , Julie 'Jules' Urich as Bar Patron (as Jules Urich) , Charlie Schmidt as Bar Patron , Josh Megdell as Bar Patron , Samuel Dowe-Sandes as Bar Patron , Jon Higgins as Bar Patron , Alexandria Weinstein as Bar Patron , Alexandria Vino as Bar Patron , Nicole Garnett as Bar Patron , Jack Mettaft as Bar Patron , Lenka Focisova as Bar Patron , Abby Wathen as Fashion Show Model , Jonna Walsh as Fashion Show Model , Nina Smidt as Fashion Show Model , Sarah Lev as Partygoer , Rachel Wegter as Partygoer , Christopher McMillan as Partygoer , Teresa Keith as Partygoer , Catherine Goldschmidt as Partygoer , Monica Stephens as Partygoer , Ernest Delcardre as Partygoer , Vickie Jenkins as Partygoer , Joel Bovacava as Partygoer , David V. Garcia as Partygoer , Sheri Hefner as Partygoer , Robert Gralek as Partygoer , Duss Aulx as Partygoer , Drew Faulkner as Partygoer , Caryn Fitzgibbon as Partygoer , Lisa Forstein as Partygoer , Myles Franklin as Partygoer , Jennifer Hu as Partygoer , Timothy Cavring as Partygoer , Andrew Martinez as Partygoer , Alinson Wrek as Partygoer , Dustin McCormick as Partygoer , Michelle Mizal as Partygoer , Fanny Morere as Partygoer , Emily Niven as Partygoer , Blaile Oswald as Partygoer , Lance Oyabu as Partygoer , Lauren Petrarca as Partygoer , Patrick Rodriguez as Partygoer , Jessica Ryan as Partygoer , Gabriella Sheets as Partygoer rest of cast listed alphabetically: , Ariella Forstein as Extra (uncredited)

Plot : Two glorious women, ill with dead beat of dating with relationships, plan to stock two adolescent kinskith and kin inside their group quarters as sternly sexual purposes.

Run Time : 100 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Los Angeles, California, USA

Company : DKZ Films

Trivia : As of September 2009, the more watched picture forever on Hulu.

Plot Summary : In Los Angeles, the well-to-do aspirant person responsible Donna as at any rate as her ally (also aspirant designer) Christi Ann are tired of love affairs as at any rate as plan to track two escorts inside a saloon given that only middle of the night stand. Meanwhile, the construction employees as at any rate as top friends Stanny as at any rate as Joe draw nigh like New York except do not view employments inside Los Angeles; without money, they plan to depart to a ornate saloon to gulp as at any rate as depart the spot without paying the bill. Donna as at any rate as Christi Ann meet up Stanny as at any rate as Joe as at any rate as encourage one another conjugal accepting with they are hustlers. After a middle of the night of sex, the mature persons determine the confusion as at any rate as that the kinskith and kin are in reality unemployed workers. They bestow one another to stay inside a tent nearing the swimming-pool plus beer as at any rate as diet bit they seek given that jobs; inside return, they may troth their "boy-toys" throughout the midnights inside a stringently sexual relationship. Along the in the air weeks, the couples develop into closer as at any rate as rework their position as at any rate as preferences plus the civilization as at any rate as developing of their relationships.

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