The Descendants (2010)

Director : Alexander Payne

Genre : Comedy, Drama

Cast : , George Clooney as Matt King, Judy Greer, Beau Bridges, Matthew Lillard as Brian, Michael Ontkean as Cousin six, Shailene Woodley as Alexandra, Robert Forster, Rob Huebel as Mark Mitchell, Mary Birdsong as Kai, Troy Manandic as Bar parton, Matt Corboy as Cousin Ralph, Nick Krause as Sid, Joji Yoshida as Bar Patron, Milt Kogan as Dr. Johnston, Scott Michael Morgan as Barry Thorson, Paul Edney as Bicyclist, Dane Justman as Drunk Guy #2, Amara Miller as Scottie, Patricia Hastie as Elizabeth King (as Patti Hastie), Celia Kenney as Reina, Joseph Wilson as Voting Cousin, Larry Wegger as Passenger 2, Tom Holowach as King cousin, Mark Ahsing as Orderly, Linda Rose Herman as Dr. Herman, Barbara L. Southern as Alice Thorson, Melissa Kim as Emily , Fileena Bahris as Passenger (uncredited), Davo Coria as Airline Passenger #2 (uncredited), Courtney Diehl as Booze Cruiser (uncredited), Carol Fullerton as Bar Patron (uncredited), Jordan Kirkwood as Troy's Buddy (uncredited), Stephen Meyers as Airline Passenger (uncredited), George Simms as Airline passenger (uncredited)

Plot : A domicile multi-millionaire strives to re-connect also his two daughters beyond his helpmate suffers a boating accident.

Country : USA

Filming Locations : Honolulu, O'ahu, Hawaii, USA

Company : Ad Hominem Enterprises

Trivia : Amanda Seyfried auditioned for the motive that the portion of the more established daughter.

Plot Summary : Matt King is an indifferent partner along with father of two girls constraint to check his earlier period along with hold his drawing nearer as his helpmate suffers a boating mishap off of Waikiki. The experience leads to a rapprochement as well as his little daughters moment Matt wrestles as well as a pronouncement to retail it to you the family’s domicile handed drink take entertainment in Hawaiian royalty along with missionaries.

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