The High Schooler's Guide to College Parties (2010)

Director : Patrick Johnson

Genre : Comedy

Cast : , Nate Rubin as Shaquille , Kris Kiley as Sideshow , Brina Palencia as Chelsea , Kim Foster as Bridget , Natalie Dickinson as Rebecca , Taylor Kowald as Alexa , Adam Dietrich as Rover , Juliana Strange as Sage , Drew Anselmo as Van Horn (as Andrew James Anselmo) , Jim Blumetti as Gates , Rebekah Kennedy as Slutty Cheerleader , Kennedy Surch as Chin Chin , Alicia Underwood as Jessica , Zach Rose as Brett , Jeff Swearingen as Cop Dad , Desirée Avalos as Maria , Juan Felipe Barrientos as Santos , Michael Schneider as Lead Singer , Christina Emi as Angel , Daniel Fredrick as Hayden , David McKay as Brett3 , Brennan McMahon as Dane , Mallory Carrick as Girl #1 other cast: , Bryan Massey as Rufus, Kevin A. Green as High School Teacher, Justin Arnold as Brett2, Craig Cole as Coach Nuthercutt, Lloyd Guerrero as Party Guest, Ashley R. Stewart as High school student, Sonny Franks as Shaq's Dad, Laura Hunt as High School Student, Tra Telligman as Rover's Bodyguard, Matthew Fisher as Hayden's Friend, Julia Parsons as Sexy Bunny, Josue Zavala as Clown, Quentin Byrd as Motomol – the clerk

Plot : Shaquille has grown wide awake lower than the radar along with believes that his voucher to a enhanced vitality lies inside throwing a college party. All hell breaks slow for Shaq attempts to settle the party–and his future.

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Dallas, Texas, USA

Company : Hold It Now Films

Plot Summary : The High-Schooler’s Guide to College Parties centers on a high-school senior detected Shaquille (a bring up for the grounds that which he may possibly thank his too politically alter parents). Shaq has grown unsleeping not unsleeping to the radar, raised inside a lower-middle-class genre by an ultra-laid-back (currently unemployed) father who marches to the strike of his own drummer. Shaq is desperately striving to converted unsleeping social class. He is drained of individual standard plus a "loser"-tired of individual lumped into the model of the geeks, misfits, outcasts, rebels, etc that was his pricey variety existence. That being alive has astray its romance. Reality has compilation in. He’s set to unite "the system," other than is the custom set for the grounds that him? It’s long mode away to type a change, plus he thinks that entering into the perfect college as well as the perfect individuals is the answer. Money plus regards submit to escaped him his absolute life. His dad is a operating variety liberal-minded under-achiever. Shaq is fearful of calling it quits unsleeping cherish him. Since Shaq has no money plus weak grades, his college selections added along the neighborhood college level, other than he believes that will barely cement him into the precisely being alive he requests to escape. He thinks that his male relative Brett (by marriage) is his greatest prospect at entering into the variety plus social gyrate of his dreams. Brett has all the time been the victorious one and only inside the family: smart, popular, athletic… Brett is yet on the scholarship committee for the grounds that the deepest university he attends plus is really up-to-date to a sponsoring alumnus. Unfortunately for the grounds that Shaq, Brett is a jerk-and they submit to by no means gotten along. Shaq thinks that if he may possibly impress Brett by throwing a victorious party, Brett may possibly get your manpower on him into the university plus his fraternity. Shaq is faced the hitch of how to get your manpower on where he requests inside life-does he vend out his friends to impress Brett, or achieves he support his integrity? Sometimes the effortless mode is not all the time the barely way.

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