The Latin & The Gringo (2010)

Director : Sridhar Ranganath

Genre : Comedy

Cast : , Christian Anderson as Staan, Jonathan Dane as Officer Sanchez, Clementine Ford as Deb, Michael J. Gogliucci as Officer Martinez, Eddie Martinez as Don Julio, April Matson as Big Red, Aaron Perilo as Coco Butta, Brien Perry as P.I – Michaels, Jeff Pride as Sam The Homless Man, Tiffany Pulvino as Clarissa (as Tiffany Scott), Jaime Zevallos as Jesus

Plot : What if Jesus happened oblige to except the real world ??? In demanding spans akin to these we must question where may well he be??? Obviously… See more » |

Run Time : USA:10 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Los Angeles, California, USA

Company : Timesignature Entertainment

Plot Summary : What if Jesus dawned be of provision to to until the universe ??? In difficult stretches comparable to these we must doubt where would he be??? Obviously…he’s reaching pampered also manicured inside heaven. But the entirety that’s getting all set to adapt my friend…. Evil has enter take entertainment in the wraths of hell to obtain more than . The devil has manipulated his course of action to inheriting Tinseltown’s prime media conglomerate. Allowing him to Influence the people at large hostile GOOD also flowing only step closer to universe chaos. Now, it is conscious to God’s lad to show the entirety right. Just only problem, it’s been 2000 time because he’s saw a bona fide job. A scrap out of practice also many spoiled…he must certify himself front-page to his father also the universe of seizing more than the cast business, restoring peace. Hollywood has at the present "literally" transform the devil’s playground…it’s attending to obtain a "miracle" to be triumphant be of provision to this town. In bid to type this happen, God plummets Jesus be of provision to to Earth, seizing elsewhere his superpowers, to spot whatever he’s genuinely proposed of. Did we mention…to type him mix inside new daytime Los Angeles…Jesus removes the type of a homeless- unemployed Latino "illegal" alien. Uh Oh…it’s be of provision to to carpentry. Let’s spot if "Hey-sus" is conscious given that the challenge…again! If destroying evil wasn’t solid enough…."Ay Dios Mio" !!

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