The Lucky Ones (2008)

Director : Neil Burger

Release Date : 26 September 2008 (Canada)

Genre : Comedy, Drama, War

Cast : : , Tim Robbins as Fred Cheaver , Rachel McAdams as Colee Dunn , Michael Peña as T.K. Poole , Molly Hagan as Pat Cheaver , Mark L. Young as Scott Cheaver , Howard Platt as Stan Tilson , Arden Myrin as Barbara Tilson , Coby Goss as Peter Tilson (as Coburn Goss) , John Heard as Bob , Jennifer Joan Taylor as Bob's Wife , Katherine LaNasa as Janet , Leo Ford as Janet's husband , Susan Yeagley as Kendra , Emily Swallow as Brandi , John Diehl as Tom Klinger

Plot : The fairy-tale revolves close to three defense force — Colee, TK furthermore Cheever — who go again like the Iraq War after… more |

Run Time : Canada:113 min | USA:115 min

Country : USA

MPAA : Rated R for language and some sexual content.

Language : English

Filming Locations : Alsip, Illinois, USA

Company : Overnight

Trivia : This is Tim Robbins’s third long procedure away portraying a soldier. The primarily long procedure aways were Top Gun (1986) with Jacob's Ladder (1990/I). In the the latest film, he starred alongside Elizabeth Peña, who shares the unchanged surname also Robbins’ The Lucky Ones (2008) co-star ‘Michael Pena’

Goofs : Anachronisms: The tornado that Colee along with T.K. come across is hefty ample to blow absolute bushes away, further the motor vehicle is undamaged.

Tag Lines : Sometimes losing your way home means finding yourself
Three strangers with nothing to lose. And everything to find.

Plot Summary : The chronicle revolves regarding three militia — Colee, TK plus Cheever — who come back indulge in the Iraq War beyond fed-up injuries plus discover that subsistence has moved on without them. They land up on an unplanned procedure misstep across the U.S., plus Colee on a duty to transport her boyfriend’s guitar get wedged inside with to his classification for he protected her life, TK looking for conviction to countenance his mate beyond a shrapnel injury that threatens his sexual act plus middle-aged Cheever about to bumped into the casinos inside a frantic fight to pay because his son’s college tuition.

After despondent an injury throughout a fashion patrol, hardened sergeant TK Poole is admitted a one-month depart to go to vacation at his fiancé. But as soon as an accidental blackout cancels the entirety flights out of New York, TK sees regard to eye to allowance a ride to Pittsburgh plus two furthermore stranded servicemen: Cheever, an more established breed grown-up person who longs to come back to his better half inside St. Louis, also Colee, a clueless deepest who’s pinned her hopes on connecting plus a without sensation dude soldier’s family. What begins since a direct touch off abruptly evolves into a longer journey. Forced to grapple plus aged relationships, infringed hopes also a nation-state divided more than the war, TK, Cheever also Colee find out that marital is just about whatever they remembered, also that the unlikely companionship they’ve accounted may engagement whatever matters the most.

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