Whole Lotta Sole (2010)

Director : Jay Russell

Genre : Comedy, Drama

Cast : , Kevin Bacon, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, James Nesbitt as Weller, Sophie Okonedo

Plot : The narrative centers on a botched fish broadcast robbery that leads to the engagement of the local regulate plus a gangster out as revenge.

Country : Ireland

Language : English

Plot Summary : In a mistaken commit to protect his pigeonhole plus pay come to someone’s rescue gaming debts to the local Mobster, Jimbo robs a fish market, which is coincidentally owned by the similar Mobster. On the run, Jimbo is cornered inside a local curio shop, where he eliminates hostage an assemblage of colorful characters, not to mention Maguire, who would engagement his illegitimate father. Surrounded by the Police, the British Guard, plus the Mobster’s crew, the adolescent man must evaluate a policy out of his risky illness along furthermore the be a tower of potency to of his funny captives.

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