A Cat in Paris (2010)

Genre : Animation, Crime, Mystery

Plot : A exhilarating conundrum that unfurls inside the alleys furthermore on the rooftops of the French capital, Paris, excess of the road of one and only audacious evening.

Run Time : 70 min

Country : France | Netherlands | Switzerland | Belgium

Language : French

Company : Folimage

Plot Summary : Dino is a kitten that leads a dual life. By day, he lives along furthermore Zoe, alittle babe whose mother, Jeanne, is a watch officer. By night, he operates along furthermore Nico, a burglar along furthermore a vast heart. Zoe has plunged herself into peace transpiring her father's murder at the manpower of gangster Costa. One day, Dino the kitten brings Zoe a especially dear bracelet. Lucas, Jeanne's second-in-command, notices this bracelet is allocation of a jewelery confusion that has been stolen. One night, Zoe decides to appear Dino. On the way, she overhears assorted gangsters with discovers that her nanny is allocation of the gangsters' team.

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