Down Time (2001)

Director : Sean Wilson

Release Date : 18 March 2003 (USA)

Genre : Drama, Crime

Cast : (Credited cast) , William Van Noland as Slim (as William Van Nolan) , Peter Quartaroli as Paulie , Sam McBride as Sammytown , Joy Garner as Gina , James Anthony Cotton as Kc , David Fine as Eddie the Pimp , David Berkson as Hillbilly , David Cordoni as Frank , Mario Montes as Big Mario , David Dyno Rocha as Mexican Gang Leader , Kelwin Hagen as Mike , Christian Canterbury as Johnny Boy rest of cast listed alphabetically: , James Bolko as SWAT Officer 7, Jeff Guerrero as SWT Officer 4, Danton Mew as SWAT Officer 1, Bob Ngim as SWAT Officer 2, Randall Ng as SWAT Officer 5, Matt Pennypacker as SWAT Officer 6, Lory-Michael Ringuette as Prison Guard, Bryan Soo as SWAT Officer 3, Wolfgang Von Huttick as Serial Killer, Ron Zeno as Billie Joe Furlow

Plot : A path hustler who sorts the entire thing the incorrect moves finds himself doing rigid duration inside the jail inside this hard-edged drama… more |

Run Time : 90 min

Country : USA

MPAA : Rated R for drug use, language, some violence and nudity.

Language : English

Filming Locations : Alameda County Jail, Alameda County, California, USA

Company : Apex Entertainment

Tag Lines : Forget what you know.

Plot Summary : A boulevard hustler who classes everything the mistaken moves finds himself doing stiff span inside the prison inside this hard-edged drama. Slim is a petty span medicine dealer who attempts to brand that single hefty treaty that is aiming to situate him on effortless street. With his wife inside sin Paulie they imagine they undergo a foremost dope treaty got curl of save for regrettably as each other the treaty works awfully mistaken in addition to they are fortunate to make progress in variant places along furthermore their lives. They dig up busted in addition to Slim afterward finds out that Paulie testified opposed to him to except his own skin. Slim’s greatest efforts at plea-bargaining similarly withdraw him along furthermore a eight once a year sentence inside San Quentin one among California’s numerous hot prisons. Slim promptly discovers that being alive inside jail is divided along strict racial lines. Slim pulls off his greatest to stay in variant places out of everything the racially roused violence in addition to stay to himself. But one among his guy¸ man convicts KC pulls a dope fiend switch that puts Slim on the enemies category of Sammytown, who is the cruel boss of the prison’s sallow supremacist population. Slim attempts his greatest to carry on his span at the rear of the walls, passing the span toying cards along furthermore a curious ball range of convicts, Big Mario, Eddie, in addition to Hillbilly Kenny, Telling Jokes to divide the oppressive monotony of jail life. Then his previous wife visits him inside jail in addition to attempts to chatter him out of the locality of the cash that was in no way recovered savours their botched dope deal. Slim doesn’t wish whatever to do along furthermore his precedent days being alive or his ex-crime wife save for upon his unveil Paulie in addition to his mature lover undergo variant designs on us as him.

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