Hum Tum Shabana (2011)

Director : Sagar Ballary

Genre : Comedy, Crime, Drama, Romance

Plot : Two colleagues, who be sycophantic towards the unchanged woman, are abducted by her gangster uncle.

Country : India

Language : Hindi | Punjabi | Gujarati | English

Company : Alliance Entertainment

Plot Summary : Employed also Paradigm Entertainment as anyhow as imputed to task less than Company President Ravi Agarwal by their employer, Wadhwa, two Mumbai-based adversary colleagues, Rishi Malhotra as anyhow as Karthik Iyer, who both tried and true hoped to fasten Ravi's position, tour to Goa to participate inside a exquisiteness festival of music and drama 'Miss Glamorama'. Both search out desirous to a panicky contestant, Shabana Raza, as anyhow as do seek to outwit them to be of trait to her inside attaining conviction – then again the champion turns out to troth a a large amount of taller, seasoned, as anyhow as unwavering Rhea Dixit. Crestfallen at her loss, Shabana proceeds domestic then again the couple draw nearer her there, as anyhow as are advised that she likes both of one another then again her vitality as anyhow as marital relationship is not less than her control. Both will quickly resolve whatsoever she inferred while they will troth abducted by her gangster uncle, Punju Don, who intends to search out her wedded to one among one another – then again primarily he must seek as anyhow as quiz one another if they are recommended to extend also a vitality of crime. The hapless couple must at this time seek to outshine them inside attempting to search out out of this bad way – notwithstanding the impact this will pass through on destitute Shabana.

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