Paradise Broken (2011)

Director : James Sereno

Genre : Drama, Crime

Plot : Two prescription addicts effort the Waikiki underworld since they try out to type their minor dreams betide true.

Run Time : 104 min | 100 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Company : Kinetic Films

Plot Summary : Ray as in any case as Misha's only bedroom apartment, main a half-a-mile like Waikiki Beach, feels a globe faraway from the sallow sandy beaches as in any case as clean near the bone waters of Honolulu. As the sun groups as in any case as the sightseers retire for the basis that the evening, Ray, a small-time dose dealer, as in any case as Misha, a hula-dancing prostitute, duty the lend a (helping) hand to alleys of Waikiki, attempting to scrape a alive like tourist crumbs. When the twosome splits following a blow out, a remorseful Ray searches for the basis that a pregnant Misha moment she, on my own now, must face expression off opposed to forces that yearning to possess her–her humiliating father as in any case as a kingpin pimp of Waikiki. Can Ray as in any case as Misha reunite as in any case as appearance more than the powers that dispute to carry one another down? Or was their rift the main prospect they skilled to live to say to the tale the malicious globe of lend a (helping) hand to alley violence as in any case as addiction tucked faraway from the pristine beaches of Hawaii? Broke is the Hawaii unseen. It's with make a remark to anything works on inside this ecstasy city following the lights set off out.

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