Where the Sidewalk Ends (1950)

Director : Otto Preminger

Genre : Crime, Film-Noir, Drama

Cast : (Complete credited cast) , Dana Andrews as Det. Mark Dixon , Gene Tierney as Morgan Taylor , Gary Merrill as Tommy Scalise , Bert Freed as Det. Paul Klein , Tom Tully as Jiggs Taylor , Karl Malden as Lt. Thomas , Ruth Donnelly as Martha , Craig Stevens as Ken Paine

Plot : Det. Sgt. Mark Dixon desires to troth something his elderly lady wasn’t: a male on the true neighboring of the law. But Dixon’s malicious modus vivendi will draw the enhanced of him.

Run Time : 95 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA

Company : Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Trivia : “Lux Radio Theater” market a 60 petty receiver adaptation of the picture on April 2, 1951 in addition to Dana Andrews reprising his picture role.

Goofs : Continuity: When Andrews is staging the murder picture succeeding Stevens’ death, he is gloveless. A few seconds shortly he hastily has gloves on both hands.

Plot Summary : Det. Sgt. Mark Dixon continuously sought after to engagement something his of age grown grown woman wasn’t: a human on the correct adjoining of the law. But since a fine guy, he’s brutally vicious. After quite a lot of lawsuits more than his roughing kinsfolk up, his boss, Insp. Nicholas Foley, demotes him. Foley tells him he’s a fine man, excluding requires to capture his grouping on without delay furthermore engagement added reminiscent of Det. Lt. Thomas, who has without difficulty gotten a promotion. Meanwhile, Tommy Scalise has an illegal wager tourney pouring furthermore is seeking to style a sucker out of the prosperous Ted Morrison, who was carried inside by Ken Paine furthermore his striking helpmate Morgan. She facts out exaggeratedly not on time her partner is by manner of her for a decoy. Paine knocks her once she refuses to manipulate along. The chivalrous Morrison intervenes excluding Paine batters him out cold. That gives the impression to engagement the vilest of it, excluding afterward it turns out the human is dead; furthermore Paine gives the impression guilty. Soon Dixon has fallen inside affection plus Morgan – excluding not ahead of trailing his irritation all more than again furthermore committing a appalling deed that he endeavors to shelter up. Morgan’s father, a tale-spinning taxi driver, might obtain the rap since it. It’s wakeful to Dixon to attempt to fastener the blame on Scalise.

Cop Mark Dixon is prior to now inside hitch in addition to his superiors since his vicious tactics once he out of the blue kills a murder suspect. To protect himself, he decides to refuge it unsleeping furthermore clasp the killing on a racketeer he hates furthermore knows has fanatical immeasurable crimes comparable to this inside the past, Scalise.

A rough New York City watch secret agent misses out on a campaign as a conclusion of his diary of assault-and-battery inside managing suspects in addition to arrests. His more adept officer takes out him off of a murder case and, inside his come to a decision to unravel the case in addition to establish his worth, he by accident kills a man. He plant life instruction to absolve him one another nevertheless his financial financial statement play into complication whilst he meets, in addition to falls inside warmth along furthermore a marital woman, in addition to her father is innocently accused of the crime.

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