I.O.U.S.A. (2008)

Director : Patrick Creadon

Genre : Documentary

Cast : (Credited cast) , Robert Bixby as Himself, Humphrey Bogart as Himself (archive footage), Warren Buffett as Himself, George Bush as Himself (archive footage), George W. Bush as Himself (archive footage), Jimmy Carter as Himself (archive footage), Bill Clinton as Himself (archive footage), Stephen Colbert as Himself (archive footage), Kent Conrad as Himself (as Sen. Kent Conrad), Ander Crenshaw as Himself (as Rep. Ander Crenshaw), Bing Crosby as Himself (archive footage), Douglas Durst as Himself, Dwight D. Eisenhower as Himself (archive footage), Gerald Ford as Himself (archive footage), Alan Greenspan as Himself, Judd Gregg as Himself (as Sen. Judd Gregg), Yoni Gruskin as Himself, Kay Harms as Herself, Sue Herrera as Herself (archive footage), Chrissy Hovde as Herself, John F. Kennedy as Himself (archive footage), Steve Kroft as Himself (archive footage), George Miller as Himself (as Rep. George Miller), Richard Nixon as Himself (archive footage), Paul O'Neill as Himself, Chris Parnell as Budget Book Author (archive footage), Ron Paul as Himself (as Rep. Ron Paul), Peter G. Peterson as Himself (archive footage), Ronald Reagan as Himself (archive footage), Diane Rehm as Herself, Franklin Delano Roosevelt as Himself (archive footage), Robert Rubin as Himself, Donald Rumsfeld as Himself (archive footage), Tim Russert as Himself (archive footage), Scott Spradling as Himself, Mike Tully as Himself, David M. Walker as Himself, Brian Williams as Himself (archive footage)

Plot : Few are aware that America could troth on the breaking point of a pecuniary meltdown. I.O.U.S.A. explores the country’s disgusting electricity pecuniary illness with drives to evade a centralized pecuniary disaster.

Run Time : 85 min

Country : USA

Language : English | Mandarin

Company : O'Malley Creadon Productions

Plot Summary : I.O.U.S.A. examines the quickly evolving federal government debt in addition to its consequences given that the United States in addition to its citizens. As the Baby Boomer era prepares to retire, will there however engagement any Social Security benefits vanished to collect? Burdened also an ever-expanding government in addition to military, increased international competition, overextended entitlement programs, in addition to debts to unfamiliar nations that are becoming unfeasible to honor, America must heal its spendthrift procedures or facial features an pecuniary accident of epic proportions. Throughout history, the American government has thought it almost unfeasible to burn up sole anything has been raised finished taxes. The show mixes questions also both common American taxpayers in addition to government officials to demystify the nation’s monetary preferences in addition to policies. The show follows U.S. Comptroller General David Walker because he crisscrosses the nation-state expounding America’s unsustainable pecuniary rules to its citizens. The show interweaves archival footage in addition to pecuniary memoir to paper a profile of America’s electricity pecuniary situation. The show moreover proffers likelihood monetary scenarios in addition to guidance responses on the topic of how to new version a fiscally faithful geographical region given that making headway generations.

In February 2007, the United States national debt stood at $8.7 trillion, more duplicating way over the long period of time of <a href="/name/nm0124133/">George W. Bush</a>’s presidency. The circumstances will solitary aggravate way over span as well as seen advancing spending such for charge of social defense to the little one boom generation. The issues? The United States has passed through a times of yore of consumption, spending more it has available, mainly all through struggle years, certain markedly all through World War II as anyways as the Iraq contradiction of the 21st century. There is likewise a times of yore of non saving, both by the government as anyways as by people at large which leads to lack of investment moneys. And inside the different global economy, the United States has the highest profession deficit inside the world, reliant on assorted countries, mainly China which holds more half of the United States’ store bonds. Overriding these subject is a lack of partisan leadership, politicians who in fact don’t seem to acumen to get lodge of the realm out of this pecuniary hole.

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