29 Februari (2012)

Genres : Drama

A lady who ages just once inside four days furthermore spends his finalize being alive hindrance given that his specific love, Lily. Budi was born on Feb 29 inside 1896 to gratified parents who wished merely given that their lad to troth healthy furthermore luck-filled plus a long-lasting life. He loses his parents at several steer of the attempt as the Japanese invade Tanah Melayu inside 1941, falling which he finds shelter at an orphanage, Rumah Bakti furthermore meets Razak, who becomes his most excellent of friend. In 1957, Budi meets Lily given that the primarily long period of time furthermore falls inside attachment plus her. They grow to be friends given that a measure of days prior to Lily decides to stream elsewhere as she is getting equipped to troth became conjugal with to Alex, the lad of a handy category friend. Budi spends the after 40 days seeking given that Lily. Catch the culture of Malaysia on show – take enjoyable in the life of the British colonisation, Japanese invasion, Independence furthermore varying occasions that go through precipitated Malaysia individual the prosperous nation-state it is today.

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