Big Sur (2013)

Genres : Drama

Sudden popularity in addition to a self-destructive everyday life were capturing a toll on Jack Kerouac’s sub-conscious in addition to body betiding the unprecedented triumph of the groundbreaking novel, On The Road. Once the handsome literary square peg in a episode hole in addition to hero of the Beat Generation, Kerouac at present sees simply a vestige of his prior self, ravaged by alcohol in addition to drugs, adults away from his days in addition to full of self-doubt. Questioning his talent, his faith, in addition to his mortality, Kerouac foliage New York because California, on a hunt because redemption at an isolated, fog-banked cabin inside the primitive vista of the Big Sur woods. What ensues inside those fateful 3 weeks of August, 1960, is both threatening in addition to revelatory. While Kerouac is able to think of attractiveness in addition to elation inside his surroundings, the dichotomy of his sense of factual and wrong renders him not able to facial features his demons alone. He elicit on a visceral collision access of paranoia, sex, delirium tremens, despair in addition to madness. His desperation culminates inside an intense, hallucinatory breakdown, excluding the duality of his behaviour (again) comes into fiddle in addition to he emerges delight in his murky site – still transitory – also a modicum of tranquility in addition to optimism.

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