Blood Done Sign My Name (2010)

Director : Jeb Stuart

Genre : Drama

Cast : , Michael Rooker as Defense attorney Billy Watkins, Omar Benson Miller as Herman Cozart, Rick Schroder as Vernon Tyson, Lee Norris as Roger Oakley, Lela Rochon as Roseanna Allen, Susan Walters as Martha Tyson, Emily Alyn Lind as Julie Tyson, Gattlin Griffith as Tim Tyson, Darrin Dewitt Henson as Eddie McCoy, Rhoda Griffis as Isabel Taylor, Nick Searcy as Robert Teel, Nate Parker as Ben Chavis, Gregory Alan Williams as Dr. Samuel Proctor, Natalie Alyn Lind as Boo Tyson, Addy Miller as KKK Picnic Child / 2nd Grade Student, Cullen Moss as Larry Teel, Afemo Omilami as Golden Frinks, Lori Beth Edgeman as Judy Teel, Mike Pniewski as William Burgwyn, Michael May as Gerald Teel, Michael Harding as Dr. Page Hudson, Emily Pierce as Towns Person, Bonnie Johnson as Dorothy, Sahr Ngaujah as Boo Chavis, Tim Parati as Lead Workman, Sandra Ellis Lafferty as Grandma Jessie, Danny Vinson as Dick Jones, Frank Hoyt Taylor as Thad Stem, Rachel St. Gelais as KKK picnic child, Markice Moore as Moses, Milauna Jemai as Willie Mae Marrow, Lee Spencer as Charles, Vanessa Ore as Picnic Mother, Andrew R. Kaplan as City Councilman, Leila Mallouky as School Girl, E. Roger Mitchell as William Burgwyn, Martin Thompson as Judge Linwood Peoples, Chandler George Brown as Jeff Daniels, Marty Terry as Mrs. Alwin, John Rutland as Oxford Police Officer Davis, Marc Soper as State Trooper / Church Counsel Member, Kristin Jann-Fischer as Betsy Teel, Lem Collins as Rioter, A.C. Sanford as Henry 'Dickie' Marrow, Ron Prather as Police Chief White, Katie Karambelas as Choir Member, Gil Johnson as Jack Miller, Steven St. Gelais as Fighting fourth grader, Ed Wagenseller as Chairman, Southey Blanton as Trooper #1, Trey Greene as State Trooper #3 – Haver, Mia Clarke as 2nd grade student, Kenny Roach as Child In March, Christine Horn as Sister Chavis, Thomas Elliott as Local Minister, Catherine Trail as Mother of the Bride, Brendan Sibley as 4th Grade Student, Lynette McKinney as Dickies Girl, Joshua P. Dease as Oxford Police Officer, Lindsey Sherrin as KKK Picnic Person, Michael Stanton Kennedy as Mayor Currin, Leslie Riley as Colleen Teel, Renee St. Gelais as KKK picnic child, Cooper Musgrove as Congregation member, Colleen Ann Guest as Church Organist, Christopher Houldsworth as Church Goer, Janine Lorraine as Courtroom Spectator, Bridget Gethins as Miss Fran, Corinne Biazzo as Laurie / Modern day waitress, Andrew James as Jebbie, Chris Crutchfield as Ben's Friend, Moses D. Gardner III as Rioter, David Lowe as Bailiff Sloan, David Ramsey as Judge Robert Martin, D.A. Hänks as Auxiliary police officer 'Shades', Thomas Upchurch as 'Night Hawk' Klansman, Ray Kendrick as Church Board Member, Tré Neal as Townsfolk Kid, Richard Gaither as Angry white man, Jeff Johnston as City Councilman, Tommy Hahn as Neil Cassidy, Rob G. Wise Sr. as Church Meeting Member, Savannah Stilwell as Riot Spectator, Taylor August Freeman as Trooper #2, Darrell Barr as Church Councilman, Lisa Jo Glass as Church Member, Jack Brarens as Student, Montrey Gordy as Ba-Bro, Dave Gray as Auxiliary Police Officer, Sarah Ellen Watson as Student, Logan Siu as Martha's Student, Gezell Fleming as Woman 3, Caitlyn Brarens as KKK Picnic Child, Janice Mitchell Wyatt as Townsperson, Marlo Scheitler as Teacher / Funeral attendant / Courtroom spectator, Justin M. Boyd as School Administrator / Principle of School, Paula Schmitt as Bridesmaid, Jennifer Hinson as Courtroom Spectator, Bailey Knowles as Jack's Daughter, Carver Johns as Desk Sergeant Kelly, Zoe Stilwell as Riot spectator, Jasmine Scheitler as Teen in March / Funeral Attendant / Courtroom Spectator, Nicholas Azarian as Neighborhood Boy, Alvin Williams Jr. as Surgeon, Jordan Avery as Fourth grade student, Steve Fortner as Councilman, Michael Siu as 4th Grade Student, Jordyn Scheitler as Child in march, Tristan Adamczuk as Reporter, Wes Butler as 2nd Grade Student, Travis Sloan as Courthouse spectator, Jay Schmitt as Frank Banzet, Mandy Lynn Johnson as Church Member, Azariah Jones as Marcher & Onlooker, Geordie White as Monk, Ciara Avery as High School student, April Asaro as Courtroom Spectator, Jerry Adams as Rioter, Matt Scarboro as Oxford Police Officer, Jaysun Webb as Business Man #1, Mary D. Williams as Singer, Natalie Glass as Church Member, Meredith Glass as Church member, Matthew Glass as Church Member, Alinn Piccirillo as Tennage Girl, Alyssa Brunson as Willie Mae's Daughter, Patrick J. McNulty as Church meeting member, Jason Darby as Business Man #2, Kathleen Piccirillo as Townsperson, Ashli Neal as Townsfolk Kid, Omar Searcy as Shoe Shine Boy, Shane Wyatt as Townsperson, Evelyn Foley as Juror, Colin Stuart as Vern Tyson, Sasha Morfaw as Courtroom Spectator, Bob Wyatt as News Reporter, Phillip Loftin as Oxford Police Officer, Joseph Kimray as News Reporter, Rachel Fontaine Tatge as Wesley House Teen, Tonia Barrino as Courtroom Spectator, Kylene T. Edson as Shopper in Drugstore, Eamonn Vickless as KKK Picnic Child, Bryan Fulton as Passenger, Stephen Summerlin as Groom, Chaz McNeil as Young Trooper , John Allen as Town policeman / Courtroom spectator (uncredited), Tara Nicole Azarian as Sleeping Girl in Church (uncredited), Jerry Cashman as Church Usher (uncredited), Taylor-Grace Davis as Wesley teen / restaurant patron (uncredited), Amber Renee Dundee as Student / marcher / court room attendant (uncredited), Dennis Gomez as Chamber of Commerce (uncredited), Shelby D. Henderson as Woman at party / rioter (uncredited), John Edward Layton as Church Member (uncredited), George McPherson as Protester (uncredited), Maurice Nimmons as Businessman in Courtroom / Tobacco Warehouse Forman (uncredited), Donald Norris Jr. as Groomsman / Choir Member / Courtroom Spectator / Pedestrian / Congregation Member (uncredited), George Peroulas as Doug (uncredited), Ryan Powers as Courtoom Spectator (uncredited), Edd Robinson as Father of the Bride (uncredited), Ron Stafford as State Police (uncredited), Rob Wise as Reporter (uncredited)

Plot : A drama commensurate with the right anecdote inside which a black Vietnam-era veteran is hypothetically exterminate by a local colorless businessman who is shortly exonerated. The plan focuses on the role of a local costly heading guru furthermore the civil unrest that transpired the acquittal.

Run Time : USA:128 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Company : Real Folk Productions

Trivia : Among the extras inside the show are writer Tim Tyson (as a Klansman), Julie Tyson (member of the jury), with Rev. Vernon Tyson (as a churchgoer with for a member of the jury.)

Plot Summary : Tells the correct account of the the 1970 murder of Henry Marrow inside a rural North Carolina town by Robert Teel in addition to his sons, the aftermath of the murder in addition to the decisive acquittal of the Teels by an the end lot sallow jury, despite multiple get a bird’s-eye regard of witnesses to the murder.

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