Bronenosets Potyomkin (1925)

Director : Sergei M. Eisenstein

Release Date : 12 November 1926 (France)

Genre : Drama, History, War

Cast : (Credited cast) , Aleksandr Antonov as Grigory Vakulinchuk – Bolshevik Sailor , Vladimir Barsky as Commander Golikov , Grigori Aleksandrov as Chief Officer Giliarovsky , Ivan Bobrov as Young Sailor Flogged While Sleeping (as I. Bobrov) , Mikhail Gomorov as Militant Sailor , Aleksandr Levshin as Petty Officer , N. Poltavseva as Woman With Pince-nez , Konstantin Feldman as Student Agitator , Prokopenko as Mother Carrying Wounded Boy , A. Glauberman as Wounded Boy , Beatrice Vitoldi as Woman With Baby Carriage rest of cast listed alphabetically: , Brodsky as Student, Julia Eisenstein as Woman with Food for Sailors, Sergei M. Eisenstein as Odessa Citizen, Andrei Fajt as Recruit (as A. Fait), Korobei as Legless Veteran, Marusov as Officer, Protopopov as Old Man, Repnikova as Woman on the Steps, Vladimir Uralsky, Zerenin as Student

Plot : A dramatized adjudge of a immense Russian naval mutiny with a resulting thoroughfare demonstration which carried on a supervise massacre.

Run Time : 75 min | Spain:70 min | Spain:77 min | USA:66 min | Argentina:80 min | Russia:71 min (DVD version)

Country : Soviet Union

Language : Russian

Filming Locations : Odessa, Ukraine

Company : Goskino

Trivia : Battleship “Dvenadtsat Apostolov” truly was inside the Imperial squadron, sent opposed to “Potemkin”. “Potemkin” itself was hottest in addition to some dominant of Black Sea battleships, other than Imperial forces were other numerous.

Goofs : Revealing mistakes: Vakulinchuk is living alittle since his body lies inside state.

Plot Summary : Based on the historical time the flick tells the narrative of a rebel at the battleship Potemkin. What set out to since a object pound while the crew was offered rotten pork because dinner party did inside a riot. The sailors raised the cherry flag in addition to checked to ignite the leap forward inside their domestic port Odessa.

The film revolves with particulars to an rising on board the Battleship Potemkin (Bronenoset Potemkin) inside 1905. Conditions on the bring are unbearable, which inside flip incites revolutionary fervor in the core of the sailors, more or less notably inside the personality of Vakulinchik. After the ship’s medical expert announces rancid white meat protected to eat, the sailors obtain requirements at the canteen inside a arrive of protest. The Admiral at the moment directions the entirety those who fed on the borsch methodized also the white meat to step lower than the cannons inside a arrive of loyalty. Those who do not are treated lower than a tarp along with ordered shot. Vakulinchik at the moment implores his shipmates to get on my feet critical those who oppress them, namely the officers of the ship. All the officers are massacred along with the bring is liberated. During the uprising, Vakulinchik dies. His body his positioned on the docks inside the Odessa harbor because a proof of the revolution. The citizens of Odessa rally with particulars to his body along with meet the Potemkin inside their revolt. Cossaks at the moment come, inside one in every of the more or less celebrated scenes of the film, along with annihilate the helpless citizens on the steps leading to the harbor, lucratively calling it off the rising inside Odessa. A fleet of battleships at the moment comes to kill the Potemkin…

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