Buried Land (2010)

Genre : Drama

Cast : (in credits order) , Emir Kapetanovic as Emir , Geoffrey Alan Rhodes as Adam , Avdija Buhic as Avdija

Plot : Buried Land tells the narrative of common kinsmen trying to fathom a dream. Two actors split a path… See more » |

Run Time : UK:86 min

Country : USA | UK | Bosnia and Herzegovina

Language : Bosnian | English

Filming Locations : Visoko, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Company : GARhodes

Plot Summary : Buried Land tells the chronicle of regular people in general striving to grasp a dream. Two actors chop up a system finished the genuine neighborhood in addition to offbeat veracity of Visoko, the petty town at the sympathy of a weird claim: the detection of old-time pyramids, not inside Egypt, nevertheless important Bosnia. Emir is a Bosnian émigré, moved out at assorted the theater in the drive in addition to at present under pressure to rediscover his homeland. He has came to save someone’s skin an American director inside the appraising a motion picture on the topic of Visoko’s pyramids. Everyone inside the town is desire to participate, plus Avdija, a tourist cause along furthermore the Pyramid Foundation, Semir Osmanagi_, the quixotic founder of the Valley of the Pyramids, in addition to Zombi, who oversees the digging of the labyrinthine tunnels assessed below the hills. Emir in addition to his director are accused by the squeeze of personality such as "Borat inside Bosnia," hunting for to tease the town’s believers. Emir’s baffling act grows other abnormal in addition to confused, culminating inside a grandiose force at the talk of the Moon Pyramid that descends into chaos. He is accepted into the sympathy of the Pyramid of the Sun, where he is obligated to assignment his beliefs. Where pulls off the conclude story consummate in addition to fiction begin? How do you class the motion picture of a pyramid that can’t engagement seen? This is a chronicle of the current of faith, mind in addition to community, in addition to of the futility of searching for the raison d’être that total truths, inside life, in addition to inside movies.

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