Der Atem des Himmels (2010)

Director : Reinhold Bilgeri

Genre : Drama, History, Romance

Cast : , Beatrix Bilgeri as Erna , Jaron Löwenberg as Eugenio , Gerd Böckmann as Baron , Krista Stadler as Ernas Mutter , Ernst Konarek as Bürgermeister , Erwin Leder as Ernas Father , Lena Reichmuth as Hilda Casagrande , Julia Gschnitzer as The Baron's Mother , Laura Bilgeri as Pia , Eric Judor as Maurice , Eisi Gulp as Dünser , Michael-Joachim Heiss as Werner Metzler , Marianne Pardeller as Mutter Casagrande , Martin Maria Abram as Father Jenny , Birgit Melcher as Mother Jenny , Wendelin Sohm as Grandfather Jenny , Bernhard Gstöhl as Seppe , Melanie Benda as Christa Maria Jenny , Peter Nickel as Principal Nigsch , Reinhard Forcher as Priest , Peter Mitterrutzner as Dr. Dobler , Harri Haller as Post Office Worker , Heli Burtscher as Alpine Dairyman , Paulina Delacher as Hilda , Armin Weber as Bertl , Aldo De Donato as Balliff , Bernhard Weber as Barkeeper , Angelika Rhomberg as Maid of Baron , Christine Dobler as Mrs. Metzler , Paul Finelli as Leutnant Finelli , Cornelius Rhomberg as Eugenio Child

Plot : The narrative is proportional to the vilest abundance disaster that always carried district inside the Alps. |

Run Time : Austria:128 min

Country : Austria

Language : German

Filming Locations : Austria

Company : Bilgeri Films Production

Trivia : The bulky rescue helicopter evident at the total of the motion picture is one in all the closing choked performing helicopters of that department inside Europe. All the screens are scene as true plus simply the rescue course joined digitally to the helicopter.

Goofs : Anachronisms: Towards the total of the movie, a modern-day cable automobile station is plainly noticeable inside the background.

Plot Summary :

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