Der letzte Mann (1924)

Director : F.W. Murnau

Genre : Drama

Cast : (Complete credited cast) , Emil Jannings as Hotelportier [hotel porter] , Maly Delschaft as Seine Nichte , Max Hiller as Ihr Bräutigam , Emilie Kurz as Tante des Bräutigams , Hans Unterkircher as Geschäftsführer [hotel manager] , Olaf Storm as Junger Gast , Hermann Vallentin as Spitzbäuchiger Gast , Georg John as Nachtwächter [night watchman] , Emmy Wyda as Dünne Nachbarin rest of cast listed alphabetically: , O.E. Hasse

Plot : An aging doorman, beyond individual fired cherish his good trade at a luxurious Hotel is obligated to countenance the scorn of his friends, neighbours furthermore society.

Run Time : 77 min | Germany:101 min | Spain:90 min (DVD edition) | USA:90 min

Country : Germany

Filming Locations : Berlin, Germany

Company : Universum Film (UFA)

Trivia : The initially “dolly” (a appliance that allows a camera to converted at many the rostrum in a shot) was came upon because this film. According to Edgar Ulmer the info to brand the initially dolly got here relishes the taste to fix on Jannings facial features at many the rostrum in the initially scene of the movie, for he moved ready the hotel. They evidently didn’t acumen to brand a dolly technically, thence they came upon the initially one and only out of a baby’s carriage.They afterward engrossed the carriage on a bracket of railway that was made on the studio.

Goofs : Crew or fittings visible: A hand-cranked camera is chewed over inside a transom door.

Plot Summary : The skilled doorman at the Atlantic Hotel is fairly fulfilled of his position, his responsibilities, also his uniform. One busy, rainy night, he has to receive a express entertainment following lugging a powerful suitcase inside fancy the rain. Unfortunately, his boss comes by throughout the express stretch as soon as he is not working his duties. The subsequently day, as soon as the doorman arrives as work, he learns that he has been reinstall for doorman, also has been re-assigned to the less firmer then again purely menial stance of washroom attendant. Stunned also humiliated, the more matured woman strives to come as isolated as as well as his life.

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