Destiny's Calling (2010)

Director : James C. Turner

Genre : Drama, Romance

Cast : , Shawntay Dalon as Destiny Harris, Dez Cortez Crenshaw as Chris Harris, Jonny Beasley as Darnell, Kamille Wynn as Charity, Hon. Kenneth King as Judge King, Louise Turner as Sister Betty, Niesha Amos as Bridgett Johnson, Cynae Reed-Adams as Cynae, Keiona Turner as Attorney Pinkins, Alaina Mayfield as Tiffany, Randy Henry as Reverend Thomas, Shanna McGee as Jessica, Sherma Anderson as Mother Harris, Carl Deadrick as Charlie, Anoop Majjhoo as Dr. White

Plot : Chris also providence are a adolescent spouses that strikes the lottery because way over 200 million dollars, also as adversarial to existence realizing better; it gets worse.

Run Time : USA:104 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Detroit, Michigan, USA

Plot Summary : Chris as in any case as Destiny are a immature twosome that’s aiming to continue to exist inside a appalling economy. When Chris gets fired since human being five minutes belatedly to toil he takes out his closing explore as in any case as gambles as well as it aiming to triumph adequate wealth to have apartment for him way over awaiting he may well size up an additional job. Chris loses his wealth at the moment borrows diverse wealth bask in the region loan shark as in any case as loses that too. Broke, busted as in any case as disgusted, Chris spends his closing two dollars on two trouble-free decide on lottery tickets. Confronted as well as the prospect of human being evicted Chris is frantic since wealth for he prevents at the local fumes station prior he works profession hunting. When Chris finds out anyone won the 200 million dollar lottery jackpot the middle of the night before, he checks his tickets, sees that he has the prevailing receipt as in any case as faints. New houses, current cars, go shopping sprees as in any case as debt free of charge Chris as in any case as Destiny at last bumped into the suitable life. Destiny opens a marital since upset youngsters as in any case as Chris starts an cool company, vitality is great! Just once they attention they capable it made, the drama starts. People are lifting bask in them, overcharging them, aiming to collection one another wakeful since court cases as in any case as his baby’s mamma wishes Chris dead. Some folks express extra wealth extra problems, however this is ridiculous!

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