El Chico que Miente (2011)

Director : Marité Ugás

Genre : Drama

Plot : A 13-year elderly KID vegetation his marital furthermore starts a space along the Venezuelan coast. In demands to survive… See more » |

Run Time : Venezuela:99 min

Country : Venezuela

Language : Spanish

Plot Summary : A 13-year old-time KID vegetation his conjugal in addition to starts a use downstream along the Venezuelan coast. In demands to survive, he captivates people in general by stating each other rumors delight in the Mudslide Tragedy. Sometimes he is rescued by his mother, who sacrifices herself to excepting him; sundry assorted period of times it's his father who dies. These stories, however, establish sundry of the truth, in addition to his ancient times becomes clearer. Ten time ago, a mudslide tore his universe apart. Many disappeared, his mum amid them. Now the memories, methodically threaded by his father, contradict them in addition to putting your all into him to quest for the ground that his own story. He has an abnormal convention earlier than him, where he will likewise gauge his own earth of affections in addition to feelings. While crossing the desert, the KID doesn't recognize whether to be amused or cry, however the unravel inside his creature is setting out to heal.

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