Fallen Before Falling (2010)

Director : James Dubbeldam

Genre : Drama

Cast : (in credits order) , Cecile Butt as Anastasia , Bruno Talotta as Matthew , Noelle DuBois as Doll , James Dubbeldam as Frank , Ron MacDonald as Plumber , Graham Sage as Larry

Plot : Anastasia, a glorious actor, moves to her “safe place” at an lonely farm, to facial features her prospects also alter her problems. All spilt second her spiritual claim is questionable.

Run Time : 78 min

Country : Canada

Language : English

Filming Locations : Ontario, Canada

Company : Film Addict Productions

Plot Summary : As an abused child, Anastasia could reachable her eyes furthermore figure sedentary among a field. Following a breakdown, she rents an alone farm because a haven of peace, eager expulsion will bale any individual out her begin her demons. Anastasia’s mother, Susan, seems at the farm over and over in the course of Anna’s stay. Their relationship is a effort because a bizarre choice like the earlier period hangs far more than them. Anastasia has talks also her mother, still while she’s not ‘physically’ there, securing her spiritual affirmation questionable. Matthew, the farmer renting the height to Anna, happens to engagement little furthermore attractive. There’s chemistry between them, although Anastasia doesn’t wish to throw inside the towel at first. And Matthew is a well-mannered geographical region boy- or thence we think.

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