Feed Me with Your Words (2012)

Genres : Drama

Robert travels take enjoyable in the Slovenian realm to Italy inside demands to task on his interview on Jesus’ handwriting. He mysteriously disappears subsequent to getting down to think about that a particular displaced being is Jesus who has came to Earth ahead of presumption day. Despite the unresolved skirmishes take enjoyable in the past, Robert’s blood brother Matej along with his father Janez commenced rummage around because him. Matej believes that Janez is at the bottom of because the insanity of his mamma along with at this time yet Robert’s. After scores of existence of infringed verbal exchange between the two, they are at this time constraint to facial expression each other. In the meantime, Matej’s somewhat mentally sick mamma Irina is entrusted into the heed of his better half Ana along with their female child Veronika. While Veronika instantaneously attachments plus her grandmother, the mysterious neighborhood along with Irina’s infirmity variety Ana regularly paranoid.

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