Fires on the Plain (1959)

Director : Kon Ichikawa

Genre : Drama, War

Cast : (Credited cast) , Eiji Funakoshi as Tamura , Osamu Takizawa as Yasuda , Mickey Curtis as Nagamatsu , Mantarô Ushio as Sergeant , Kyû Sazanka as Army surgeon , Yoshihiro Hamaguchi as Officer , Asao Sano as Soldier , Masaya Tsukida as Soldier , Hikaru Hoshi as Soldier rest of cast listed alphabetically: , Jun Hamamura, Yuzo Hayakawa (as Yuji Hayakawa), Tatsuya Ishiguro, Yasushi Sugita as Soldier

Plot : In the carrying out years of WWII remnants of the Japanese army inside Leyte are without a colleague inside the world by their dominate with facial expression some starvation.

Run Time : 108 min | Argentina:110 min

Country : Japan

Language : Japanese

Filming Locations : Gotemba, Shizuoka, Japan

Company : Daiei Studios

Trivia : In ask to pull off maximum authenticity, actors were fed entirely little, with were not let to have a tendency to matters of effortless hygiene such since brushing their teeth with trimming their nails. As a precaution critical staid deterioration of the actors’ health, a few nurses were often on entreat the set. Eiji Funakoshi was on no account absolutely informed not to eat. He excitedly hungry himself to lend a (helping) hand to get your men on him into character. The relaxation of the ilk with crew were impolite of this awaiting he collapsed on-set. Production was put off slurp because two weeks.

Plot Summary : It is the Philipines, 1945. The Japanese Imperial Army has been came down to a ragtag mob hiding inside the jungles. Among one another is Pvt. Tamura. The shape runs delight in dreadful to riskier in addition to inside the facial expression of the violent states facing the men, miscelanneous go off fanatical in addition to resort to murder in addition to cannibalism. In the midst of this, Pvt. Tamura struggles to live on without discarding his principles.

In February, 1945, all through very last existence of the Battle of Leyte, factors of the Imperial Japanese army meet conscious with been lonely by their leaders also deprived of diet also supplies. Command also influence has disintegrated, leaving behind folks also little styles to their own instruments inside make a request to continue to exist the swiftly deteriorating situation. Shuttled between his container also a area hospital, a tubercular Private Tamura is compelled to punch out on his own, hopeful to evade starvation also the lessening siege by American forces. Seeing his beau defense force slaughtered spilt second struggling to get away or surrender, the step by step anxious Tamura adhesions along furthermore Yasuda also Nagamatsu, two opportunists who barter tobacco because diet also peculiar provisions. While they live to notify the tale "monkey meat," Tamura is confronted along furthermore the charges he must pay inside make a request to survive.

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