Go for It! (2010)

Director : Carmen Marron

Genre : Drama

Cast : (in credits order) , Aimee Garcia as Carmen Salgado , Al Bandiero as Frank Martin , Jossara Jinaro as Loli , Gina Rodriguez as Gina , Louie Alegria as Pablo , Derrick Denicola as Jared , Andres Perez-Molina as Jesse Salgado , Gustavo Mellado as Luis Salgado , Rene Rosado as Nino , David Hernandez as Cuko , Liliana Montenegro as Irene Salgado , Safia Hannin as Cecy Salgado , Peggy Goss as Jared's Mother , Daniel Yabut as Danny rest of cast listed alphabetically: , Brad Armacost as Jared's Father, Jennifer Armstrong as Secretary, Hollie Beach as Angie, Karen Jin Beck as DJ Shy, Peter Blanchett as College Student / Carmen's friend, Lindsey Blaufarb as Beat Freaks Dancer, Diana Carreno as All-Star Dancer, Jeanine Carrillo as Imported Delight Dancer, Maya Chino as Imported Delight Dancer, Karine Da Silva as Woman Fighting in Club, Kristin Denehy as Judge 2, Victoria Dmitrenko as Student, Imia Fleur Edwards as Fan Girl, Teresa Espinosa as Beat Freaks Dancer, Alison Faulk as Beat Freaks Dancer, Amy Fernandez as Dancer in Park, Jonathan Grant as College Student, Sophie Green as Woman Fighting in Club, Katie L. Hall as Student-Katie Simpson, Nolan Hamlin as Coffee Shop Employee, Reina Hidalgo as All-Star Dancer, Jennifer Horeni as Woman at party, Ayodhya Jones as Imported Delight Dancer, Gilbert Joseph as Juan (as Gil Menchaca), Keely Kaukimoce as Beat Freaks Dancer, Mayuko Kitayama as Imported Delight Dancer, Marissa Labog as All-Star Dancer, Ro Lott as Dancer in Park (as Rosalind Lott), Susie Mancini as Judge 1, Carmen Marron as Fancy Store Saleswoman, Rino Nakasone as Imported Delight Leader, Ashlee Nino as All-Star Dancer, Colby O'Donis as Himself, Katie Orr as All-Star Dancer, David Ross Paterson as Richard Hatton, Yomi Perry as Gina's Mom, Carlos Pratts as Carlos, Jessica Rabone as All-Star Dancer, Somaya Reece as Herself, Jeannette Rodriguez as Dancer in Park, Lisa Roumain as Marina, Jules Sanchez as Dancer, Nicole True as Dancer in Park, Peipei Yuan as Imported Delight Dancer

Plot : Carmen is a suitable student plus a ghastly disposition who lives since dancing inside the underground clubs of Chicago… See more » |

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Chicago, Illinois, USA

Company : Go For It!

Plot Summary : Carmen is a fine student plus a ghastly disposition who lives since dancing inside the underground clubs of Chicago. She yearns to troth ‘somebody’ nevertheless is petrified to deem inside herself. Her immigrant Mexican, working-class parents wish her to stay inside make also obtain an education, thus she attends junior college minute engaging at a grocery store store. Carmen’s professor catches her executing single daylight hours inside the district also demanding situations her to audition to a formal dance make inside California. She gets into a disagreement plus her frantic head also perform in peculiar places to her supporter Gina’s neighborhood just to decide Gina’s been accomplishing strike unsleeping by her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Carmen’s boyfriend, Jared requests her to commit also switched over inside plus him. Pulled apart inside every direction, her daydream of dancing fades. Can Carmen subdue her prospects also receive the prime opening of her life, or will she approve to her self-doubt?

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