Happy New Year (2010)

Director : K. Lorrel Manning

Genre : Drama

Cast : , Michael Cuomo as Sgt. Cole Lewis , J.D. Williams as Jerome , Monique Gabriela Curnen as Lisa , Jose Yenque as Martinez , Wilmer Calderon as Santiago , Will Rogers as Danny , David Wolos-Fonteno as Gunny D , Noah Mills as Looch , Frank Harts as Dex , Tina Sloan as Grace , Alan Dale as Bill , Seth Barrish as Dr. Keith other cast: , Shelley Bennett as Sheila, Anne Girard as Gina, Cher Santiago as Tina, Larry Mitchell as Brant, Miles Solay as Liam, Hunter Emery as Johnson, Teresa Stephenson as Teresa, Mike Scotti as Dream Sequence Radio Caller, Ron Piretti as Guard, Christian Barber as Barnes, Ankara Martinez as Waitress, Sarah Babb as Vegan Woman, Karl Jacob as Brian, Joseph Harrell as Joe Wallace, John Leighton as Jesus, Saul Luzeus as Veteran, Francis Cooper as Orderly, Terrence Gray as Senator Charles, Vandal Truong as Luc, Patrick Blumer as ICU Nurse, Josh Mendelow as Josh, Dan Kaplan as Orderly, Taylor Ruckel as Graham, John J. Palomino as Veteran, Latrice Martin as Rita , Victoria Gates as Dancer (uncredited), Selena Johnson as Guard (uncredited)

Plot : Sgt. Cole Lewis, spiritually as at any rate as physically scarred by his span obliged inside Iraq, finds humanity, compassion… See more » |

Run Time : USA:100 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : New York City, New York, USA

Company : One Light Left

Trivia : Happy New Year was adapted relishes K. Lorrel Manning’s critically-acclaimed manipulate by the matching heading that supervised Off-Broadway inside June/July 2007. It starred Michael Cuomo Cuomo furthermore William Oliver Watkins.

Plot Summary : Sgt. Cole Lewis, emotionally furthermore physically scarred by his duration got any individual out of a tight spot inside Iraq, finds humanity, kindheartedness furthermore friendship inside a head of moreover incapacitated vets at a précis VA hospital. But certainly because their fortune starts to change, the ghosts of effort re-emerge, leading Lewis furthermore his buddies slurp a wont of guilt, desperation furthermore self-destruction.

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