In the Land of Fireworks (2010)

Director : Joey Curry

Genre : Drama

Cast : , Laura Spencer as Heidi, Bryan Massey as Tyler, Cassie Shea Watson as Mandy, Kevin A. Green as Cafe Patron, Gail Cronauer as Lawyer Brown, Ted Ferguson as Heidi's Dad, Chad Halbrook as Dade, Kerry McCormick as Cafe Patron, Mary Deese as Dr. Williams, Matt Fowler as Dennis, Lindsay Hightower as Lucy, Andrea Cohen as Amy, Jill Waterston as Receptionist, James Ireland as John, Francis Henry as Old Boss, Jessica Goldfield as Cafe Patron, Melissa Jobe as Dade's Mom, Terrence Spector as Murphy, Trica Weaver as OBGYN Receptionist, Vivian Fullerlove as Nurse Jones

Plot : Dade is on the prompt direction to becoming a unbeaten entrepreneur. He has the knack to buckle a youthful… See more » |

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Dallas, Texas, USA

Company : Creative Spin, The

Plot Summary : Dade is on the prompt route to becoming a glorious entrepreneur. He has the capability to strap a infantile energy in addition to a sage-wisdom away from his twenty-some-odd years. For Dade, triumph comes easily. That is, pending Heidi gets pregnant succeeding just a amount of weeks of dating. Heidi reciprocal Dade’s infantile vigor, now and then being better than it at fast tempo on the distinctive hand her secrets kept Dade guessing at every turn. With a failing affair attempt as in any case as a dwindling chain account, Dade learns promptly that there are just a amount of people in general he might in reality trust. Unsure if the unborn child is still his, Dade aims to sieve prepared his newfound turmoil in addition to the get a person out of a tight spot of his loving mommy as in any case as colorful friend, operating because the voices of reason. Faced in addition to life-altering decisions, Dade begins to unearth his core, encountering that guts as in any case as wish might troth his…but he must class the choice.

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