L'heure d'été (2008)

Director : Olivier Assayas

Genre : Drama, Family

Cast : : , Juliette Binoche as Adrienne , Charles Berling as Frédéric , Jérémie Renier as Jérémie , Edith Scob as Hélène , Dominique Reymond as Lisa , Valérie Bonneton as Angela , Isabelle Sadoyan as Éloïse , Kyle Eastwood as James , Alice de Lencquesaing as Sylvie , Emile Berling as Pierre , Jean-Baptiste Malartre as Michel Waldemar , Gilles Arbona as Maître Lambert , Eric Elmosnino as Le commissaire de police , Marc Voinchet as Présentateur radio , Sara Martins as Atachée de presse

Plot : Two brothers also a female family member witness the disappearance of their adolescence memoirs whilst they must relinquish the class belongings to make certain their deceased mother’s succession.

Run Time : 103 min

Country : France

Language : French | English

Company : MK2 Productions

Goofs : Continuity: The concern of Adrienne’s apple also the discoloration marks enjoys oxidization vary many times throughout the chat plus her brothers.

Plot Summary : In a petty town, Hélène is a cast matriarch who has steadfast her subsistence to preserving the legacy of her actor uncle. However, sec her eldest son, Frédéric, requests to conserve her conjugal following her passing, she harbors no such illusions because she prepares her legacy. After her death, her youngsters comprehend what on earth she proceeding because they occur to language and their inheritance’s locality inside their own lives. In the resulting behaviour of their mother’s assets, honored heirlooms of a romantic genre history coast in esoteric places yet because their altering existing real world confronts the make a survey of of their memories.

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