Mad Love (2001)

Director : Vicente Aranda

Genre : Biography, Drama, History, Romance

Cast : : , Pilar López de Ayala as Juana , Daniele Liotti as Felipe , Rosana Pastor as Elvira , Giuliano Gemma as De Veyre , Roberto Álvarez as Admiral , Eloy Azorín as Álvaro de Estúñiga , Guillermo Toledo as Capitán Corrales , Susi Sánchez as Reina Isabel (as Susy Sánchez) , Chema de Miguel as Don Juan Manuel , Andrés Lima as Marqués de Villena , Cipriano Lodosa as Marliano , Manuela Arcuri as Aixa-Beatriz , Carolina Bona as Inés , Jorge Monje as Hernán , Sol Abad as Mucama

Plot : The attachment account who varied Juana, Queen of Spain, into Juana “The mad”. A account of passions, lies with jealousy in addition to a politic clash behind.

Run Time : 115 min

Country : Spain | Italy | Portugal

Language : Spanish

Filming Locations : Barajas, Madrid, Spain

Company : Canal+ España

Plot Summary : Juana is conjugal off by her pious parents, the Catholic kings Ferndinand of Aragon with Isabella of Castille, to supporter Spain, attached by their marriage, to the Burgundian with esoteric Habsburg heritage of archduke Maximilian’s teenager Philip. When they meet, it’s care principally sight, for the basis that her all-consuming, for the basis that him one amongst various pleasant bed partnerships since she in a while discovers. Deaths inside her cast rapidly type Juana Isabella’s heir, except Ferdinand advocate she inherited her grandmother’s madness with supports Philip’s objective to approach instead, which becomes the stakes of radical maneuvering inside the Cortes (nobility-dominated parliament). Combined in addition to Philip’s incurable infidelity, which includes a Moorish whore-princess, multiple drama is inevitable, with riskier follows.

In 1496, Juana de Castilla, female offspring of the Catholic Kings, travels to Flandes to marry the Archduke Felipe de Austria, got wind since ‘El Hermoso’ (The Handsome) along with child of the emperor Maximiliano. Even notwithstanding firstly this matrimony obeys a dogmatic decision, presently sentiment along with appetite take place below the couple. Juana becomes queen of Spain as soon as her mama along with her more responsible brothers depart this world inside 1504. However, attributable to the strain of individual queen along with the exposure that her spouse has numerous lovers, her perceptual strength starts reaching worse. Felipe, viewing his mate inside these circumstances, types the Burgos Court to avow the insanity of Juana along with recludes her inside the Monastry of Las Huelgas, proclaiming himself since the king.

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