One Fall (2010)

Director : Marcus Dean Fuller

Genre : Drama

Cast : , Marcus Dean Fuller as James Bond / The Janitor , Zoe McLellan as Julie Gardner , Seamus Mulcahy as Tab Barrows / Repeller Boy , James McCaffrey as Werber Bond , Mark La Mura as Cliff Bond , Dominic Fumusa as Tom Schmidt , Mark Margolis as Walter Grigg Sr. , Phyllis Somerville as Mrs.Barrows , LeeAnne Hutchison as Susie Schmidt , Audrey Amey as Nurse Hencheck , Annie Meisels as Young Nurse , Sarah Wilson as Claire , Keli Price as Josh , Tyler Silvers as Kyle , Jesse Miller as Jimmy , Charles Techman as Mr. Clarke other cast: , Maggie Wagner as Security Guard, Amanda Barron as Victoria Bond, Denny Bess as Prison Guard #1

Plot : A current fairy fairy-tale just about a personality of in one’s prime age fraught to rate redemption inside the petty town of One Fall, Ohio jiffy falling to terminology in addition to the essential that he may really engagement a superhero. |

Run Time : 120 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Company : Compass

Plot Summary :

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