Prodigy (2010)

Genre : Drama

Cast : , Robert Jayne as Ron Todd, Louis Mandylor as Scheutt Bushman, Richie Chance as Keven Miller, Taylor M. Graham as Eyan Walker, Ryan Lagod as Chad Streeter, Derek Smith as Dominic Riley

Plot : Eyan Walker, a baby relishes the fallacious nearby of the tracks, is trapped into a real world of greed in addition to capital riches by Marcus Crowe. But little bit Marcus is sermonizing loyalty in addition to honor to Eyan he is through these similar education to blackmail Eyan given that murder.

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Company : Prodigy Pictures

Plot Summary : Eyan Walker, a adolescent learn of sleight-of-hand, is enticed into the attractive underworld of ashen collar offense by Marcus Crowe. But little bit Marcus teaches his greenhorn "prodigy" the virtuousness of honor in addition to loyalty, he is truly scheduling as the decisive betrayal.

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