Sin Padre (2012)

Genres : Drama

Juan is a 17 per annum older Honduran cleanly attempting to acquire by inside the Mission District of San Francisco. While Juan is thoroughfare smart, he seeks inside school. It becomes also several challenging while he is offered an test to note down regarding where he comes from. The varied students cuddle the assignment, although Juan is reminded of a deep twinge inside his life: Juan under no circumstances knew who his father was. Juan’s mum Maria versed him while she was fourteen life old. He ceaselessly reveled as anyhow as respected. Maria because raising him, although under no circumstances actually learnt her reluctance to enlighten him the truth. Juan clings to a extra portrait of Maria cradling him for an kid as anyhow as an unidentified man. Could this mature woman troth his father? In truth, Maria is scared to enlighten Juan who his father is. The covert has devastated Maria’s relationship in addition to her own parents as anyhow as the district whispers fierce rumor tales at the rear of her back. But Maria continues to stock the covert regardless of the pain, terrified that reporting Juan the essential might exterminate the solitary personality she from most…her son. Juan avenues his test to check out who his father may well be. As Juan continues to work effortlessly because the truth, it leads him slurp a procedure he under no circumstances expected.

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