Sleeping Beauty (2011)

Director : Julia Leigh

Genre : Drama

Cast : , Emily Browning as Lucy, Michael Dorman as Cook, Mirrah Foulkes as Sophie, Rachael Blake as Clara, Hugh Keays-Byrne, Henry Nixon as Lucy's Ex-Boyfriend, Joel Tobeck as Businessman, Tammy McIntosh as Work Colleague, Chris Haywood as Man 2, James Fraser as Guy with Ticket, Les Chantery as Driver, Lauren Orrell as Dinner Waitress, Hannah Wang as Student Girlfriend, Ewen Leslie as Birdmann, Matthew Whittet as Chef – Dinner Party 1, Sarah Snook as Flatmate, Daniel Webber as Spy Shop Assistant, Tracy Mann as Waxing Beautician, Nathan Page as Businessman 2, Kelly Paterniti as Female Student – Bathroom, Jamie Timony as Student Doctor, Peter Carroll, Ivy Mak as Business Woman, Anni Finsterer as Train Riding Hairdresser, Benita Collings as Dinner Guest, Lizzie Schebesta as Mansion Girl, Pearl Tan as Pedicure Beautician, Justin Smith as Hallelujah Businessman, Bridgette Barrett as Dinner Waitress, Hannah Bella Bowden as Dinner Waitress, Paul He as Student Boyfriend, Stephanie Menere as Dinner Waitress, Eden Falk as Thomas, Robin Goldsworthy as Flatmate, Sinisa Vrebac as Agent, Sarah Kinsella as Dinner Waitress, Natalia Siwek as Dinner Waitress, Amit Kelkar as Lecturer, Vernon Hayman as Dinner Guest

Plot : A haunting soft-core fairytale on the question of Lucy, a teen University student gripped into a curious secluded universe of splendor plus desire. |

Country : Australia

Language : English

Filming Locations : Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Company : Screen Australia

Trivia : Emily Browning returned Mia Wasikowska who declined out to do a Jane Eyre movie.

Plot Summary :

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