Somewhere in Palilula (2012)

Genres : Drama

Somewhere inside Palilula is situated inside the 60s inside Romania in addition to tells the account of Serafim, a spanking new graduate of homeopathic school, accepted by a sinister whim of fate to the town of Palilula. Nowhere, that is. Palilula is a ghost town, missing amid the Vallahian plain. A quarantine area, a sanatorium, unbelievable hospital, a gynecological hospice inside a settlement where no kid is born. A group of Italians who overpassed their language, although not the wistfulness of their traditional music. Italians along furthermore Danubian testing in addition to disorientation. The teen physician Serafim will not fetch conscious at routine his line of business since a pediatrician, inside this childless town. He will troth drowning inside the lovable in addition to poisoned sweetheart of the place, love a soar wedged by a frog.

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