The Crossing (2000) (TV)

Director : Robert Harmon

Release Date : 10 January 2000 (USA)

Genre : Biography, Drama, History, War

Cast : : , Jeff Daniels as Gen. George Washington , Roger Rees as Gen. Hugh Mercer , Sebastian Roché as Col. John Glover , Steven McCarthy as Alexander Hamilton , John Henry Canavan as Gen. Henry Knox , Ned Vukovic as Gen. William 'Lord' Stirling , David Ferry as Gen. Nathaniel Greene , Nigel Bennett as Gen. Horatio Gates , Karl Pruner as Gen. Sullivan , Duncan McLeod as Williams , Andrew Kraulis as Billy , Kelly Harms as Tommy , Jonathan Watton as Cadman , Kristen Holden-Ried as Capt. Heineman , Chris Williamson as Officer

Plot : A dramatization of George Washington’s perilous bet of crossing the Delaware River with attacking the British forces at Trenton.

Run Time : 89 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Alberta, Canada

Company : A&E Television Networks

Trivia : The friction between General Washington along with General Gates portrayed inside the show was awfully real. In fact, Gates was purportedly immersed inside a conspiracy acknowledged for The Conway Cabal, a arrangement to oust George Washington for Commander-in-Chief inside 1778 along with restore him also himself. Gates’ remark surfaced yet again inside the Newburgh Conspiracy, a new arrangement to oust Washington inside 1783.

Goofs : Factual errors: On December 20, 1776, outside Trenton, General Stirling tells General Washington that General Gates’s army “will troth in addition to you by nightfall”. This chat is inside jam-packed daylight, moreover Washington subsequently checks his gaze at as anyhow as the duration is 5:00 – by which duration the sun might prior to now pass through set. (And indeed, inside a afterward picture we envision it totally sinister at 5:10 pm on December 25).

Plot Summary : In 1776, not unsleeping to six months following the Declaraton of Independence, the Continental Army, less than the sway of General George Washington, was on the limit of sheer defeat. Low on men, cannons furthermore supplies, Washington decides to danger the full thing on single previous desperately audacious war on the town of Trenton where more than 1000 of the panicked Hessian mercenaries are garrisoned. However to do that, the army must mongrel the Delaware to a seemingly pathetic war that may possibly flip out to engagement supplementary unbeaten than Washington still dreamed of.

It’s December of 1776. The American army not unsleeping to George Washington is a mere fragment of whatsoever it was inside the summer, whatsoever as well as frustration behind frustration at British hands, additionally desertions as anyways as lack of supplies; as anyways as ample troops undergone exclusively enlisted awaiting the year’s end. The army escapes into Pennsylvania by acquiring the exclusively boats available, nevertheless the British will indisputably eventuate as anyways as wipe each other out one time the Delaware River freezes over. But subsequently it turns out that the British are further inside New York, Trenton (New Jersey) human being trapped exclusively by a slighter energy of Hessian mercenaries. They’re further tough, nevertheless peradventure a Christmas war across the river will meet unsleeping with each other off-guard…

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