The First Grader (2010)

Director : Justin Chadwick

Genre : Biography, Drama

Cast : , Naomie Harris as Jane Obinchu, Tony Kgoroge as Charles Obinchu, Nick Reding as Officer Johnson, Sam Feuer as American Journalist, John Sibi-Okumu as Chairman of Education, Vusi Kunene as Mr. Kipruto, Israel Makoe as David Chege, Michael Oyier as Newsreader, Dan 'Churchill' Ndambuki as DJ Masha, Oliver Litondo as Kimani N'gan'ga Maruge, Mumbi Kaigwa as Education Secretary, Shadrack Murimi Gachuhi as Old Codger, Shoki Mokgapa as Teacher Elizabeth, Ainea Ojiambo as Education Officer, Rachel Jones as BBC Journalist, Watson Mbirua as Old Codger, Gilbert K. Lukalia as Mr. Mutahi / Politician, Jeannette Elsworth as Plantation Owner's Wife, Melvin Alusa as Mr. Mutahi's Aide, Irene Kariuki as Mrs. Muthumba, Shirlen Wanjari as Mother Wanjiku, Lydia Gitachu as CNN Journalist, Abubakar Mwenda as Boie, John Kimani as Maruge's Baby Son, Hannah Wacera as Maruge's Daughter, Emily Njoki as Young Maruge's wife, Peter Marias as Peter, Alfred Munyua as Teacher Alfred, Zingaro Percussions as Mau Mau Warriors, Eunice Tekero as Village Woman, Macharia Kamau as DJ's PA, Mary Mbirua as Stall Owner, Lwanda Jawar as Young Maruge, Charles Ouda as Adult School Teacher, Rosemary Nyambura as Jacquie – PA to the Chairman, Jackie Musimbi as Village Girl, Kathyline Ndogori as Teacher Katherine, Mwenga Matilika as Old Codger, Peter Emera Pious as Jonas, Tom Gitau as Old Codger, Susan Sisian as Young Mother, Kamau Mbaya as Kamau Chege, Nick Ndichu as Giver – Mau Mau Oath, Catherine Njiru as Stall Owner, Joel Rempesa as Joel, Benta Ochieng as Mother Benta, Paul Mbogo as Leader – Mau Mau, Agnes Simaloi as Agnes, Kamau Ndungu as John Gambe, Kurenda Ole Kureya as Masai Store Owner

Plot : The precise anecdote of an 84 year-old Kenyan villager plus first love Mau Mau autonomy fighter who fights for the ground that his factual to set out to rank for the ground that the primarily term to acquire the training he might certainly not afford.

Country : UK

Filming Locations : Kenya

Company : Sixth Sense Productions

Plot Summary : Set inside a load village inside Kenya the flick tells the incredible precise in addition to refreshing yarn of a pleased archaic Mau Mau veteran who is dogged to grasp his previous opening to see to see in addition to put in writing – in addition to therefore finally ends up bonding a classification alongside six year-olds. Together he in addition to his little adviser facial expression vicious resistance, except sooner or later they be triumphant done – in addition to moreover appraise an extra practice of overcoming the burdens of the colonial past.

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