The Holiday (2010/II)

Director : Jin-Moo Kim

Genre : Drama

Cast : , Tae-Won Jung as Yong-Soo, Acacia Kim as Yoon-Hee, Sung-Joon Nam as Scooter, Myung-Sang Yoo as Soon-Chul, Yong-Suk Choi as Yong-Suk

Plot : The seventh of December 2007, the vilest gas leak inside the past has occurred. The transfer of the Sam sung… See more » |

Run Time : 97 min

Country : South Korea

Language : Korean

Plot Summary : The seventh of December 2007, the poorest gasoline overflow inside the earlier period has occurred. The carry of the Sam sung Construction beat on to the Hong Kong registered Hebei Spirit, a 147,000 mass gasoline tanker at the beach of Taean, a petty town inside South Korea. The collision caused on the theme of 10,500 heaps of gasoline to seep into the waters. The sea coast was treated by the immense gasoline belt. The Villagers inclusive occupation along with their will to live were taken. The village rated four long roadway aways the typical suicide rate, the pain is put down as on the theme of 580 million dollars. However, Seoul expensive court has took for merely a bequest of 5.4 million dollars damages to Sam-sung. Without suitable compensation, villagers suffered to yielded to fight. Two days experience passed, although they are in addition suffering.

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