The Kid (2010)

Director : Nick Moran

Genre : Drama

Cast : , Natascha McElhone as Gloria, Rupert Friend as Kevin Lewis, David O'Hara as Terry, Ioan Gruffudd as Colin Smith, Jodie Whittaker as Jackie, Bernard Hill as Uncle David, Augustus Prew as Teen Kevin, James Fox as Alan, Kate Ashfield as Madeline, Ralph Brown as Gordon Peters, Alfie Allen as Dominic, Oliver Milburn as Penfold, Niamh Cusack as 1980 School Nurse, Lucinda Rhodes-Flaherty as Mandy, Tom Burke as Mr. Hayes, Alison Carroll as Clare, Shirley Anne Field as Margaret, Con O'Neill as Dennis, Jamie Anderson as Teen Wayne, Richard Graham as Fruit + Veg Trader, William Miller as Young Kevin, Helen Lederer as Mrs. Saunders, Sarah Barrand as Catherine, Geoffrey Beevers as Headmaster, Johnny Palmiero as Lee, Sid Mitchell as Paul, Robert Lowe as BMX Boy, Jerome Blake as Mr. Cooper, Annie Vanders as Foster Mother (Home 2), Denise Gough as Patsy, Norma Atallah as Female Teacher 1, Ben Hawkey as Billy Saunders, Terry Murphy as Announcer 1, Tony Hood as Fighter 1 – Smudge, Beryl Nesbitt as Market Lady, Toby Richards as Baz, Nick Smithers as Stock Exchange Guide, Anthony James Berowne as George Saunders, Tex Jacks as Young Wayne, Nico James as Chris, Julian Harries as Foster Father (Home 3), Evie Carrick as Young Sharon, Guy Morris as Foster Father (Home 2), Tara Hodge as Older Sharon, Millie Hagland as Young Julie, Rene Grey as Mark, Jackie Abbey-Taylor as Foster Mother (Home 3), Matty Leonard as Henchman, Justin Fox as Paramedic 1, Rosalie Kosky-Hensman as Older Julie, Jamie Howard as Spivvy Kid, Harry Tomes as Yarborough Boy 1, Lea Jenkins as Yarborough Worker 2, Lara Chapman as Kimberley, Debbie Perry as 1980 Female Teacher 1 , Eric Bay-Andersen as Young Mourner at wake (uncredited), Steve Collins as Fighter (uncredited), Joanna Dunn as Yarborough Worker 1 (uncredited), Sarah Hough as Jackie's Friend (uncredited)

Plot : About Kevin Lewis who stepped forward wakeful inside poverty then again stayed to brand a more adept being alive for the motive that himself with his family.

Run Time : 111 min

Country : UK

Language : English

Filming Locations : Croydon, London, England, UK

Company : Tin House Films

Trivia : The skinhead inside the black bomber jacket identified to engagement cheering on the “the kid” inside his oppose critical the dreadlocked man, is furthermore identified to engagement carrying off the behind fighter beyond the fight. Why might he engagement interrelated as well as anyone he wasn’t backing.

Goofs : Anachronisms: A 1990s Volkswagen Transporter might engagement known for Kevin pulls removed from the concern home, even supposing it’s group inside 1985. Various anachronistic motorcars might engagement known all through the film.

Plot Summary : Kevin Lewis in no way gone through a chance. Growing conscious on a poverty-stricken London council estate, beaten furthermore famished by his parents, bullied at genre furthermore lonely by social services, his subsistence was in no way his own. Even beyond he was place into care, he saw himself out on the techniques held inside a criminal underworld that knew him since ‘The Kid’. Yet Kevin persisted to variety a improved subsistence since himself. This international bestseller published inside 2003 is his disheartening furthermore exciting story.

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