The Nail: The Story of Joey Nardone (2009)

Director : James Quattrochi

Genre : Drama

Cast : (Credited cast) , William Forsythe as Massimo, Tony Danza as Chickie, Dayanara Torres as Amelia, Tony Luke Jr. as Joey Nardone, Billy Gallo as Hugo, Leo Rossi as Petey, Stink Fisher as Malone, Ray 'Boom Boom' Mancini as KC, Joe Pistone as HiFi, Tino Quezada as Bus Passenger, Robert Bizik as Boxing Manager, Paul Orrantia as Jesus, Gilbert Soto as Park Pedestrian, Sal Mazzotta as Bruno, Steve LiGambi as Deli manager, Jennifer Gall as Female boxer in gym, Paul Weaver as Detective, Ken Myers as Boxing fan, Patrick McDade as Bar Tender, Charles Pendelton as Trainer, Dean Marrazzo as Police officer, Toni Romano as Heaven, Hunter Gallagher as Paddy, Sid Hammond as Doctor, Jose L. Penaranda as Ghetto funk resident, Peter Cordova as Prison convict #1, Helene Masiko-Crews as Rosalita, Loni LiPuma as Hospital Mother, Joseph Tornatore as Bar bouncer, Jim Saltouros as Mr. Marsh, Mita Heble as Witness, Roman Maldonado as Punk #1, Joseph A. Reilly as Boxing promoter, Alfonso Filippone as Prisoner, Martin Cepeda Jr. as Punk #2, Derek Bryant as Carnez, Nick Chandler as Surgeon, Brianna Lucidonio as Young girl in bodega, Cruz Cordero as Background Boxer, Hugh Douglas as Prison Guard, Joey Eye as Trainer, Lauren Bertoni as Nurse, Mike Luce as Prisoner, Joe Conklin as Ring Announcer, Richard Hidlebird as Bus Driver, Joe LaBarbera as Corner man, Tamara Anderson as Female Officer, Skip Denenberg as Photographer, Emily Sullivan as Caroline Marsh, Robert Sassi as Man at nurses station

Plot : After spending 8 days inside penitentiary given that an unfortunate accident, heavy-weight boxer Joey Nardone wages to a surplus continuation inside Philadelphia… more |

Run Time : 90 min

Country : USA

MPAA : Rated R for language, violence including some domestic abuse, and brief sexuality.

Language : English

Filming Locations : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Company : 2nd Generation Films

Trivia : Won the 2009 Philly Film Fest.

Plot Summary : After spending 8 existence inside penal complex since an unfortunate accident, heavy-weight boxer Joey Nardone earnings to a lone existence inside Philadelphia. His duration inside penal complex with the chance to think has interchanged him. Feeling resembling a stranger inside his own locality with inquiring since diverse semblance of normalcy, he removes a employment at the exchanging blows gym where he cast off to work-out. Joey finds alleviation inside the familiarity of his mature friends. But his buddies hint a rework inside Joey Nardone. Where is the set off with relish since life, only once inherent inside their colleague Joey? Joey, stressed to size up meaning inside life, meets a 14 yr. mature Puerto Rican child realized Jesus, who is over and over beaten wakeful by the locality bully. The kid, not cast off to sympathy like strangers, has no duration since Joey. Life is rigid since Jesus, a scrawny boy, who is not sole addressing his peers deciding on on him at school, however he additionally has an alcoholic, offensive father to modify at home. The chemistry between these two unlikely friends; Joey, an over-the-hill more than obesity ex-boxer with Jesus a target since bullies, is unpolluted synergistic "magic." They commence a relationship that presents each other both an extra with emboldened existence as well as a purpose: to sole "fight since the right." the existence instruction the mature boxer teaches the child are golden. This heartwarming anecdote of two abandoned souls encountering themselves on the traits with exchanging blows arenas of Philadelphia, will get have cell for of your heart. Because inside existence SOME THINGS ARE WORTH FIGHTING FOR.The Nail is a anecdote forgiveness, wish with be a tower of force to chances

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