The Notebook (2004)

Director : Nick Cassavetes

Release Date : 25 June 2004 (USA)

Genre : Drama, Romance

Cast : : , Ryan Gosling as Noah Calhoun , Tim Ivey as Rower , Rachel McAdams as Allie Hamilton , Starletta DuPois as Nurse Esther , James Garner as Duke , Gena Rowlands as Allie Calhoun , Sam Shepard as Frank Calhoun , Anthony-Michael Q. Thomas as Nurse Keith , Joan Allen as Anne Hamilton , Ed Grady as Harry , James Marsden as Lon Hammond Jr. , Heather Wahlquist as Sara Tuffington , Jennifer Echols as Nurse Selma , Geoffrey Knight as Barker , Kevin Connolly as Fin

Plot : A displaced in addition to extreme infantile woman falls inside fondness plus a chic infantile mature man in addition to yields her a common sense of freedom. They almost immediately are separated by their social differences.

Run Time : 123 min

Country : USA | Portugal

MPAA : Rated PG-13 for some sexuality.

Language : English

Filming Locations : Boone Hall Plantation – 1235 Long Point Road, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, USA

Company : New Line Cinema

Trivia : This is one among two movie theater that Rachel McAdams has starred inside that statement a fruity woman observed Duke. In the first, The Notebook, her wife inside older moment is offered the nickname Duke, with inside the second, Red Eye, she tells Jackson that her grandmother more responsible a boyfriend observed Duke.

Goofs : Continuity: When the more matured Allie plus Noah are creating the candlelit ceremonial dinner given that two, Allie is wearing a plaid shawl more than her ruby jacket for she begins to sit down. In the subsequently picture of her seated, the shawl is off, plus no long manner away given that her to suffer bumped off it. In the subsequently shot, it’s support on again.

Tag Lines : Behind every great love is a great story.

Plot Summary : The flick focuses on an getting on grown-up understanding a chronicle to an getting on lady inside a nursing home. The chronicle he reads follows two juvenile lovers described Allie Hamilton in addition to Noah Calhoun, who join up solitary evening at a carnival. But they are separated by Allie’s parents who dissaprove of Noah’s unwealthy family, in addition to converted Allie away. After stoppage given that Noah to note her given that quite a lot of years, Allie meets in addition to gets bound to a handsome juvenile soldier described Lon. Allie, then, plus her attachment given that Noah additionally alive, prevents by Noah’s 200-year-old house that he returned given that her, "to spot if he’s okay". It is marked that they additionally submit to outlook given that each other, in addition to Allie has to select between her fiancé in addition to her foremost love.

The picture starts inside a nursing marital as well as Duke evaluating to an more experienced woman, whose memory is slipping enjoys her added furthermore added everyday. Duke reads the yarn of two lovers who link up inside the south at a carnival. Allie was 17. A city damsel enjoys money, furthermore Noah was a nation boy. The two fritter away the total summer as one on the variant hand Allie is constraint to converted furthermore set out to college though she was disposed to cave in it wide awake given that Noah. Noah writes Allie 365 letters furthermore she in no way gets them. So he restores the residence him furthermore ALlie went to lone hour of darkness out of ‘labor of love’. Seven days fade furthermore Allie meets furthermore falls inside intimacy as well as a prosperous soldier Lon. When envisioning Noah’s image inside the paper, Allie is pulled be of package to to him. They depleted many years as one furthermore she doesn’t yearn to leave. Allie has to chose between her fiancé furthermore Noah.

An ancient grown-up inside a nursing household reads a chronicle to an ancient mature person each day. The chronicle he reads follows two juvenile lovers discovered Allie Hamilton also Noah Calhoun. They got as far as lone evening at a Welsh eisteddfod millions of life ago. Allie’s parents varied Noah also Allie. They disapprove of Noah’s lack of wealth, also converted Allie away. After hindrance for the ground that Noah to author her for the ground that more than a few years, Allie meets also becomes involved to a handsome juvenile soldier discovered Lon. In a local newspaper, Noah’s image catches Allie’s eye. He is reputation inside front of a totally restored, 200 every year ancient home. The essay is choked with praise for the ground that his accomplishments. Allie’s spirit virtually bursts. The concluding term she thought this residence it was a rotted decaying shamble. She stood enfolded inside Noah’s arms inside the swell entryway also listened to his aims to procure also recuperate this house. Just the mechanism she sought after it. With her affection for the ground that Noah additionally alive, the image pulls at her heart. She has to go away back, imagine if Noah is okay, also enlighten him with aspects to her marriage. They both believe the echo deep inside their hearts, the lone that has lasted the entirety these years, is not reciprocal by the other. The whimper they may possibly not stifle. It wasn’t far more than for the ground that me.

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