TheSexSymbol87 (2012)

Genres : Drama

Jimarcus (Nelson Davis) a Marketing Executive has basically moved his Model female friend of two months, Latrisha (Damika Jackson-Baker) inside along furthermore him. Jimarcus’ colleague indulge in college/co-worker DeShawn (Donelle Davis) is not fond of Jimarcus surging his female friend inside along furthermore him beyond major knowing her two months in addition to realizes not believe her. Two life previous Valentines Day Latrisha befriends her co-worker Keyana (Josily…n Rivas). Latrisha comes to grasp that Keyana has basically moved into town in addition to realizes not comprehend lots of people. Latrisha at that time advice her, Jimarcus, DeShawn, in addition to Keyana persist a duple date originated the evening previous Valentines Day.

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