Tlatelolco (2010)

Director : Carlos Bolado

Genre : Drama

Cast : , Giovanna Zacarías as Hilda, Camille Solari as Oriana Fallaci, Cesar Ramos as Carranco, Teresa Ruiz as Licha, Roberto Sosa as Díaz Ordaz, Claudette Maillé, Alejandra Ambrosi as Emilia, Luis Ernesto Franco as Alducin, Cecilia Ponce as Pilar Sacristan, Ricardo Kleinbaum as Luis Echeveria, Andrés Montiel as Juan Romo, Cassandra Ciangherotti, Juan Manuel Bernal, Iván Arana, Marius Biegai as Asesor CIA, Christian Vasquez as Felix, José Ángel Bichir, Pablo Abitia as Vallina, Genaro Hernandez as Tomas, Francisco Javier Padilla as Agente Batallon Olimpia, Angel Zermen

Plot : An across-the-tracks attachment story, well-off damsel along with a executing variety boy, collection opposition Mexico’s Tiananmen:… See more » |

Country : Argentina | Mexico

Language : Spanish

Company : Maiz Productions

Plot Summary : An across-the-tracks intimacy story, well-off missy as anyways as a functioning style boy, compilation opposed to Mexico’s Tiananmen: the 1968 student protests as anyways as knocks that achieved orgasm inside the Tlatelolco Square massacre of students by sanctuary forces. The total of deaths was addressed wakeful by Mexico’s PRI act government, which hosted the Olympic Games 10 time later.

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