Undeva la Palilula (2012)

Genres : Drama

Somewhere inside Palilula is to be found inside the 60s inside Romania also tells the fairy-tale of Serafim, a clean graduate of healing school, accepted by a dark whim of future to the town of Palilula. Nowhere, that is. Palilula is a ghost town, mislaid accompanied by the Vallahian plain. A quarantine area, a sanatorium, implausible hospital, a gynecological hospice inside a settlement where no kid is born. A population of Italians who lost fix on of their language, nonetheless not the wistfulness of their traditional music. Italians in addition to Danubian suffer also disorientation. The small medical expert Serafim will not blunder on behavior his line of business because a pediatrician, inside this childless town. He will troth drowning inside the angelic also poisoned sweetie of the place, equivalent to a take wing fixed by a frog.

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