Yoter Ity Mi’Lev (2012)

Genres : Drama, Music, Romance

Lily is longing for the purpose that a hero for the purpose that her innovative novel. When she finds Nino, a romantic path player by daylight hours furthermore a chirping tom by night, she decides to seduce him furthermore whirl him into the question of her essay – without him knowing it. She meets Nino’s within reach companion Freddy, an ultra orthodox Jew furthermore a gay rip artist, who is Nino’s deliberate inside the equal track that Nino is Lily’s. Lily sees Freddy since a peril to her manipulation of Nino furthermore fathoms she must brand Nino fall to pieces him up. However, the tables start up to activate Lily while Nino uncovers her precise motives , furthermore while she finds herself impending for the purpose that Nino, this span for the purpose that real.

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