Lost in the Woods (2009)

Director : Jim Wynorski

Genre : Family

Cast : : , Michael Madsen as Stuart Bunka , Sean Kyle as Tim Rogers , Hayley Sanchez as Chelsea , Corey Landis as Perry , Scott L. Schwartz as Kurt , John Callahan as Dan Rogers , Maggie Wagner as Melissa Rogers , Paul Grace as Sarge , Eric Sweeney as Lyle , Mariah Parkin as Katie Rogers , Lindsay Dennis as Maybellene , Paul Logan as Mercenary , Bryan Hanna as Mercenary #2 , Brooks Kephart as Cigar Smoking Mercenary , Sheila Parkin as Pearl the Nanny

Run Time : USA:84 min

Country : USA

MPAA : Rated PG for mild thematic material, language and some rude humor.

Language : English

Company : Bay City

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