Nightscape: Dark Reign of Thanatos (2012)

Genres : Fantasy

Nightscape: Dark Reign of Thanatos In Nightscape: Dark Reign of Thanatos, the final fight between mature person plus the Gods eliminates place. Upon developing the planet the not bad god Zelos progressed exhausted plus therefore forged inside his photograph two sons to maintain his territory plus check that its longevity, Aevum plus Thanatos. As term progressed, therefore made ready the plans of the two sons. The second, Thanatos poisoned himself hostile the will of his buddy plus spinned to blackness plus evil since answers. From this greenhorn hatred, the gloom bore a previous struggle to whole the course of action of either son- since their father lay dormant, quiet plus unconscious of his failing hopes. Years later, Thanatos threatens the especially years of our world, on the distinctive hand something is as well preventing him like quantity domination for the on the way of the total thing mankind lies inside the balance.

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