Barbazul (2012)

Genres : Horror

Barbazul is according to the classic fairytale La Barbe Bleue (Bluebeard, 1697) by Charles Perrault, person responsible of Cinderella, which tells the fairy-tale of a well-to-do plus worried aristocrat plus a hard-core beard who has the horrific roadway of killing his wives. In the fundamental fairy-tale the horrifying aristocrat, plus millions of wives prior to now less than his buckle plus whose fates are a mystery, convinces a neighbor to fall to pieces Bluebeard his teenager daughter’s hand inside marriage. The bearded archaic blackguard takes out his innovative youthful plus terrorized better half to his castle, presents her the keys to everything of the rooms plus the choice to open each one, plus the isolation of single room. Based on the classic fairytale “La Barbe Bleue” (Bluebeard, 1697) by Charles Perrault, creator of Cinderella, which tells the yarn of a moneyed along with dread aristocrat as well as a gamy beard who has the terrible mechanism of killing his wives.

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